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Truth #1. You are settling somewhere in your life. It could be your relationship with your partner, your friendships, your job, the effort you put into your parenting, the amount of money you make or anything else.  Somewhere in your life you said, “This is good enough” when deep down you know it’s not. You want more. You want something (or someone) better.  Maybe at the time you settled you knew it was just temporary, and you vowed to change things later. Was yesterday later? Is it today? Guess what? You don’t have a time machine.  Stop lying to yourself and get busy.

You can have more. You don’t have to settle for anything but extraordinary.

Truth #2: You are 100% capable of living your dream life, but fear has you captive.  Your gremlin (aka the inner-critic) has you convinced- has you overwhelmed by fear– that you can’t live your dream life. That thing that you want is too hard, too scary, you’re too old, or not “enough” of something.

All of gremlin talk that is a bold-faced lie. Search deep down for the truth in your heart. It might be quiet, but it’s there.

Truth #3: The answer or solution to your happiness is not based on anything but you. It’s not going to magically happen when you lose weight. It’s not going to happen when you get married, or have a baby, or get a promotion, or any circumstance outside of you.  Go ahead and try. Expect the magic to happen when you reach this marker. See what happens when the band-aid falls off of the gaping wound you have.

Truth #4: By not loving yourself, you are cheating yourself out of your life.  Self-love is the fundamental ingredient in life’s happiness. Without it you will wander lost with a hole in your heart. Constantly trying to fill it up with outside circumstances or ways to numb it. Over spending, over eating, over exercising, drinking, relationships, or whatever it is you do to try to get the love you need. When all along….it’s in you.

Truth #5: You are truly an awesome, amazing human being. Yes, this is a hard truth. What would happen if you admitted this? What would change? What if you could look in the mirror and be 100% proud of who you are?

What could happen then?

Would you stop settling? Stop lying to yourself? Tone down the negative self-talk? Stop looking outside of you for happiness? Start loving you?

I challenge you to do this. Just take one.  Let me know how it works out.

So, I’m curious. Which one strikes a chord with you? Does this post piss you off? What are your thoughts? 


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