I am so honored to have been giving the “Beautiful Blogger Award” by none other than Julie Parker, author of one of my favorite blogs: Beautiful You by Julie. Thanks, Julie!! To claim this award I have to regift it to 15 blogs I love and read and so the awards go to:

Life After College
May the Beauty
More To Love by Elizabeth Patch
Venus Vision
Jess Weiner's Blog
The Feminist Breeder
The F Word
You'd Be So Pretty If…
To claim my prestigious award I also have to tell you seven things about me, so I'll try to tell you seven things that may surprise you. Or maybe not? Drumroll please…..
  1. I was a painfully shy child. The kind that hid behind my mothers leg if someone said hello to me. Quite the opposite now.
  2. Having children deeply changed who I am. I was a conservative republican (okay, I just heard some jaws hit the table) and some of my views still stay there. But, as a feminist, well, you can figure out the rest.
  3. I hate 2 things that are very “American”. Snickers bars and Barbeque sauce. Both disgust me.
  4. I have a phobia of drains. A serious one. Sink drains, shower drains and especially pool drains. I have near panic attacks when swimming near the huge deep-end pool drains. Even just typing this makes me uneasy.
  5. I can do a beer bong. I haven't done it in a few years, but I've won a few contests. I'll sign autographs later.
  6. I am a whiz at remembering people's names, but not at remembering faces. So, it rarely comes in handy. But, I am notorious for thinking I know someone and I'm wrong.
  7. The worst physical injury I've ever had was knocking out 3 teeth when I was 7 years old. No broken bones ever!
I hope all the blogs I have given this award to enjoy it. To claim your award you need to:

1. Thank the person that nominated you and link to them.
2. Pass the award on to 15 bloggers you’ve discovered and think are fantastic.

3. Contact said Blogs and let them know they've won!

4. State 7 things about yourself.
Happy blogging all!

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