A little about Liz

Liz Applegate is a certified coach through the Courageous Living Coach Certification (TeamCLCC), an ICF accredited coach training program and was hand selected by Andrea to be her first Lead Coach.

Besides having her own coaching practice and being a lead coach for Andrea Owen, she’s been on the leadership team of TeamCLCC since 2016, helping to teach and coach close to 200 trainees through online and in-person trainings.

Liz has been called an “inner critic whisperer” by clients who work with her. Those who know her best call her “Mama Liz” because of the care she provides them as well as the loving kick-in-the-pants she can give, when needed.

A Note From Liz:

As women, we are taught a set of rules while we are growing up – I call them “the good girl rules.” These “rules” may have been actual rules from our families or they could have been the culture in which we were raised. Hello, patriarchy!

Good girls are quiet and humble. Good girls don’t take up space. Good girls aren’t bossy or strong. In a nutshell, good girls know their place.

We’ve been told our whole lives we are either “too much” of one thing and/or “not enough” of something else.

I call bullshit!

Not only are these rules meant to keep girls in line as a child, they also end upkeeping women playing small as an adult.

The results are a noisy inner critic that has you making decisions based on “shoulds” and not what you really know to be true. Or worse, second guessing any decision that you ever need to make because of your lack of confidence and self-trust.

When we feel guilty for wanting more in our lives. When we don’t ask for help for fear of appearing ungrateful. When we let our partners take care of finances and then feel unworthy of having a say. When we’ve chosen careers based on what our parents wanted and now, years later, feel unsatisfied. When we look at other women and judge them for the very things we wish we could do. These are just some examples of living by rules you learned many years ago. There are many more examples and maybe you can recognize your own.

Look, playing small doesn’t have to be your only option. I believe you can begin living a life that has you being an active participant and not just a passive bystander. I fully believe it's possible because it was a decision I made for myself. It’s from my own experience, my on-going training and in working with my amazing clients that I know I can help you too.

I help my clients break the good girl rules. And in doing that, I help them live a kick-ass life.

  • Managing the inner critic
  • Building confidence
  • Creating a life of purpose
  • Breaking self-destructive behaviors
  • Thriving during transition
  • Playing bigger
  • Values alignment
  • Cultivating courage
  • Reframing relationships (money, food, people, etc.)
  • Overcoming people-pleasing
  • Listening to inner wisdom
  • Developing self-trust
  • Dismantling the imposter complex
  • Exploring what's next

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Samantha Rojas

Before I started working with Liz I was at a loss of where I was going in life. For the most part, I felt confused and frustrated about a lot of things. But after some coaching sessions with Liz, I feel like I’m on the right track and figuring out what’s best for me. I’m much better at making decisions and cutting myself some slack when I need to.  Liz helped guide me along in the direction I needed and wanted to go. Without the help of her coaching and guidance, I probably wouldn’t have seen any changes within myself. I think some of the most impressionable things about working with Liz is the use of permission slips and her amazing recommendations in books to help continue the work outside of our sessions. Liz is someone whose always in your corner and genuinely wants to help you kick-ass in life. I find myself in a much better place now and doing what I can to improve and move forward. I highly recommend working with Liz if you're looking for an awesome Life Coach! 

Jane B.

I came to coaching frustrated with where I was professionally and wanted insight on what was holding me back from finding satisfaction in my current role. With Liz's help, I discovered what drives me and how I was getting in my own way. By the end of working together, I had the clarity and confidence I needed to move forward in exploring new possibilities and finding a fulfilling position with another organization.