We’re turning the corner into the fall of a CRAZY year—once in 100 years crazy—and so many clients and friends have told they’re just feeling…blah.

Last month, I talked about doing the “bare mins.” Dropping the high-achiever extras from your to-do list can help you feel more refreshed and capable. If you’re having trouble even with the bare minimum, let’s talk.

First of all, it’s okay. Feeling drained or unfocused is a completely normal response to stress and crisis. Have compassion for yourself and for anyone else in your life who’s experiencing the blah.

Second, hearing people talk about their lack of productivity reminds me of an article I read once, titled “Managing your energy, not your time.” Being productive isn’t about time management. It’s not a planner or reminders on your phone. You have to manage your four energy centers: body, emotions, mind, and spirit. When you’re not able to get things done, you need to check with yourself in those four areas and establish rituals for refueling.

(Which, tbh, is a bummer for me because I’m good at planning, scheduling, and reminders. What I need to work at is energy management!)

Eat food that energizes you. Exercise. Talk to a friend. Journal. Meditate. Or maybe you need to stop doing the things that steal your energy.

I deleted Facebook and Instagram off my phone recently. Social media was making me feel heavy and tense and had become a time waster (as well as a way to numb out). I haven’t brought back Instagram, but I re-installed Facebook. That mess is like a bad boyfriend. You know how it is. You break up with someone, and you feel great because you’re free.

But then you start kind of missing them, so you go back. They're funny, and they can be sweet and warm. Maybe they have a cute cat. But they’re also toxic as fuck. A few minutes being back on Facebook, and I was reminded why we broke up. It was just not worth it.

Guard your emotions, mind, and spirit, and maybe even take a walk or something instead. Boom. You’ve traded an energy suck for resetting yourself in all four areas. I know those sites might be how you’re keeping in touch with friends right now. A lot of us are still keeping a small social bubble in person.

But if the people on Facebook are really friends, then you have their phone number or their email address. Connect one-on-one with people. Text them or use one of the zillion ways we can video chat. Our relationships are bigger than a thumbs up or smiley emoji.

Breaking up with your energy vampires can get you out of the blahs and ready to achieve again when you’re ready.

P.S. This topic is an excellent topic for coaching. If you struggle in this area (or any area, really), head on over to our coaching page and fill out an application to work with either me or my lead coach, Liz.