Work with Andrea…


Private Coaching

With you as my client, there isn’t one coaching approach I use. You are a unique human. I ask you questions, listen, and meet you where you are. 

Ultimately, when we work together, you lead the dance

That’s where you light a fire in your life that changes everything. I just point you to the match and accelerator and make sure you light it up. 

Will you be your own fire starter?

(Know you’re ready? You can apply HERE.)

Because when you’re in your 80’s or 90’s and you look back on this decade, what stories do you want to tell

Do you want to list your regrets about not going after the things you longed for? Or that you allowed situations and people to stay in your life you really didn’t want? Or that you tolerated people treating you in ways that you loathed and resented

Do you want to tell stories about someone you knew who had the courage to jump when she felt the pull to do so, secretly wishing the story was about you

Because I can guarantee you ONE thing out of this life. You’re going to die. We all are. Yes, that might feel intense, but that’s literally my job– to confront you with the fact that time is FINITE

You’re going to die whether you live the life you want or not, whether you do the things that scare you or not, whether you honor your wants and needs or not. And hopefully your life is long and healthy, so you get the gift of opportunity to live the shit out of your one, precious life


You will always be the one to bring the areas of primary focus to work on, however, without fail, there are three areas that come up over and over again with my clients. 

They are: 

1. Boundaries, hard conversations, and asking for what you want and need*. This can be at work and/or your personal life. I’ll teach you how to do this (scripts, if you need them), make a plan with you to do it, and hold you accountable. 

You’ll learn the process of these conversations, develop your unique language around them, and we’ll dig into why you’ve been avoiding this. All so that not only can you have the conversations and feel proud of how you show up, but have the self-awareness so this new habit sticks. 

2. Strengthening your relationships (and sometimes letting some of them go). Your happiness and fulfillment depends on this. Let’s figure out how to make you happier in regard to these key relationships. 

We’ll co-create the steps to take to get this over time. Plus, you'll gain tools and form habits to maintain this over time, long after we’re finished working together so you can continue this. 

3. Getting clear on how YOU want to live YOUR life; and create the steps to get there. What’s missing in your life? What do you want more of? If you can’t answer these, you probably know what you want less of, so we’ll start there. 

After that, there are some variations in regard to topics, so you bring your specific areas of focus, and we’ll go from there. 

we'll figure out what might be keeping you stuck, and i'll hold you accountable for taking the steps necessary to complete your goals.

Make a big decision about something– leaving a job, a relationship, starting a business, etc.

Have a hard conversation with someone and doesn’t know where to start.
Find clarity because you’re feeling stuck in some area of your life. Maybe you want more joy, to honor yourself and your values, and just generally kick more ass in your life

Build confidence by way of learning healthy coping mechanisms, setting boundaries, overcoming people-pleasing, and listening to your inner-wisdom. 

(*Generally speaking, women have been raised in a culture to not ask for what they want/need, and to put everyone else’s comfort and wants before their own. Therefore, boundaries and hard conversations can feel intense, like an impossible task, they never happen and then resentment sets in. This will stop.) 


Tara N.

I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Andrea; her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. It was just the right balance of feeling extremely vulnerable yet talking and laughing with an old friend at the same time. I appreciated Andrea’s diligent follow-ups on assignments and/or check-ins on how conversations I committed to have unfolded. I needed this accountability to get some tough things done.

Crucial tools I learned from coaching with her: pattern interrupter for any negative thoughts I have, small ‘No’s’ to start building this muscle, understanding the term ‘letting it land’ when having hard conversations, and having a written practice to calm my nervous system and thoughts.

I also loved how Andrea put words and language to certain feelings and thought patterns I had, as well as provided insight as to where some of these thoughts came from. This different perspective was incredibly helpful and empowering. I understand how to catch these patterns and choose different thoughts while having grace for myself.

I have always been curious about coaching and knew I needed the extra push out of my comfort zone. I wanted to invest in myself and am so glad I did. I would highly recommend Andrea to anyone who struggles to set boundaries or have tough conversations, is too hard on themselves, and wants to gain tools and insights on these things and more.

Kathryn S. IOWA

Working with Andrea has been truly WONDERFUL! It was well worth the investment and I am so grateful I decided to prioritize my own wants/needs for once 🙂 Prior to working with Andrea I was feeling discouraged, anxious, and very critical of myself. After 6 sessions I truly feel more confident and empowered. She helped me challenge some of my limiting beliefs, work on boundary setting, show more compassion to myself, and work through some of my underlying fears – especially when it comes to dating. I could not have asked for a better experience. I would highly recommend working with her!

who are you? 

My clients tend to be women (I do coach some men) who on paper and to others have it all figured out. They’re successful in most areas of their life, at least to others. They’re mostly happy.

But, they are… 



They find themselves in moments of discomfort or anger when they want to say no, but can’t or won’t. And they don’t know where to even start saying no if they had the courage to do it.


They feel resentful to others for crossing their boundaries, even though the boundaries have never been said out loud, or if they have, the boundary wasn’t clear or firm.


They may find themselves thinking “Is this all there is?” or some version of that. Or feeling like there is something more they thought they would have by now.

They’re restless/stressed/anxiety-filled. Sometimes it’s situational, sometimes it’s all the time. 


Here’s what I can promise you. 

You’ll get my undivided commitment, support, and expertise. I will help you paint the picture of what your life can look like based on what results you want. I will ALWAYS hold a mirror up to show you what you’re capable of, but at the same time hold space for where you might feel afraid to go for it. But, I won’t let that stop you. 

You’ll get tried and true strategies, processes, exercises, resources, and tactics to change your life in the direction you want to go. Coaching will entail me asking you lots of questions, listening to my intuition about what you might not be saying out loud, and asking you about that. It also will show you multiple perspectives, challenge your stuck beliefs, and push your perceived limits. 

If you do what you commit to doing, I guarantee your life will change for the better. I promise you’ll walk away with new ways to take action on hard things, new ways to cope with life’s shitstorms, and new ways of thinking. The goal is that you'll learn new ways of behaving, reacting, and living that will serve you long after we're done working together.

Coaches can never guarantee specific results because you are in charge of doing the work. But, if you’ve read this far, my hunch is that you’re ready. 

Sacha Cruse SAN DIEGO, CA

Sacha Cruse

Andrea is a dynamic coach and has helped me find my way through a wide range of situations. Whether I needed help balancing my life while I prepared to take the California Bar Exam, dealing with relationships, or just figuring out who my best self is, Andrea had a knack for asking the questions that helped me discover simple solutions to what seemed like impossible circumstances. Andrea’s practical, no B.S. style kept me on my toes as she challenged me to be true to my heart’s desires.

Margaret Selby UK

I had worked with coaches before on a lot of BEING stuff and sought out Andrea to help me with some DOING and BEING pieces. I was saying yes to a lot of things that weren’t a “hell yes” and I’m not saying NO to way more things that aren’t serving me!

Now I am staying true to what is a HELL YES for me and finding more time to nurture me. I love that Andrea calls me out on my b.s. and doesn’t let things slide. She is loving and FIERCE.

What has specifically improved is that I’m now saying NO to time commitments with my part time job that weren’t bringing me joy. Listening to the voice inside that knows that we only get once life and it’s my job to live in my authenticity. To acknowledge my gremlins, bring them into the light so I can let them have their say and that way my gremlins don’t have to run the show and fill my head with nonsense!

here’s how we’ll work together

9, 50-minute sessions (weekly or bi-weekly). 

Accountability/access to me – via text, Voxer, What’s app, email and/or quick phone calls. 

Resources, tactics, tools, strategies, and curriculum that’s applicable to your life and needs 

A high level of commitment, intimacy and trust in our coach/client relationship

If you feel like this package is for you, fill out an application and we’ll be in touch. Packages are $5,000-$10,000.

Lisa Grossman NEW YORK

Lisa Grossman

Andrea is like a soothsayer without the snaggletooth. She's a truth bomb dropper and a positivity infuser, with a curb your enthusiasm humor – she can make something funny out of nothing. I didn't know I needed Andrea before I found her, and when I found her, the forward movement in my life was catapulted at a speed I didn't know I was ready for. But I was ready, and she knew it. Here's the thing I love about Andrea..
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…she sees you, and I don’t just mean over Skype. She has the ability to connect on a level that not only makes you feel like you’ve known her forever, but you feel completely safe because she sees you without your masks on. During our sessions she has given me permission to show up for myself, to take the time to look in the mirror and feel safe in the knowing that working on myself is a journey, not a destination. Playing small is not an option. She sees you in your greatness and holds that vision for you, until you’re ready to meet her there. Working with Andrea is like putting your hand up and saying, “I’m ready to move towards the things I fear,” while leaving space for the elements of life to surprise you.


I truly love coaching with Andrea! With her fierce love, in-your-face style, and side-splitting humor, Andrea makes room for only my brightest gems to shine through. She gets me to marvel at how deeply I can reach within myself and always find more of my truth…all while wearing an ear-to-ear grin plastered to my face!

Emily-Anne Rigel VIRGINIA

Before coaching with Andrea Owen, I was super motivated to go after my dreams, but often felt like I didn’t know where to start and how to put my negative self-talk to rest.

Through intensive coaching sessions, Andrea helped me work though my self-doubts and make concrete plans (what Andrea calls “homework!”) in order to reach my goals. Now, I am well-equipped with tricks to conquer the limitations I used to put on myself, and I have a whole new outlook on how to set my goals and see them through.

My favorite part about coaching was gaining a friend in Andrea. Not only is Andrea someone who I can celebrate my highs with, but she is there for me when I need encouragement and advice. The vision I have for my future improved because of working with Andrea, and the most useful thing I learned is to always (always, always, always!) ignore my gremlin.

useful faqs
How much time per week do I need to dedicate to this?

Our calls will be 50 minutes in length and most of the weeks require homework that will take you about an additional hour (give or take). We do recommend setting aside some time for reflection.

What am I actually paying for?

I do not charge by the session, but for the whole package; our entire relationship as client/coach. I have extensive experience, and a stellar reputation in the coaching industry, dating back to 2007. 

Our time together on Zoom is just part of that package, you also invest in for tools and strategies I will teach you, resources you need, accountability in between sessions, and access to me when you need it. My private clients get the highest level of commitment.

What is the investment?

Packages are $5,000-$10,000.

Who is this package best for?

Women who are go-getters but who also feel stuck.
They know they were meant for more, but they might not be sure what that is. They’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, they feel time is slipping away, and they can’t bear to live the next few decades the same as it’s always been.
They typically have kicked ass in their careers and in some ways that has been their measure of worth– and they know their lives are more than their job.
This is my perfect client and where magic happens– when women can see the glimmer of WHO they can be, but they don’t know how to get there. That’s where I come in to help.

What are your coaching hours?

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 9 am to 5 pm eastern time. On occasion, I can do a Monday afternoon as well. Sorry, no weekends or evenings.

Do you have any group programs?

At this time, the only way to work with me is privately. Group programs may come back. Sign up for updates or listen to the podcast to be notified.

How do I sign up for one of these packages?

Simply fill out this application and we’ll get back to you shortly.

What other options are there?

Click here for the The Daring Way™ Curriculum.


I came to Andrea with a desire to be less afraid to move forward, and to be more willing to take risks in my life. My life at the time was great, but I wanted MORE. To thrive professionally and personally and find my inner-confidence.

After a few months with Andrea I felt what I call ‘an awakening’ and total transformation. I got clarity around what was truly important to me and even started a new business—one that I am VERY passionate about and fits perfectly with my values.

I loved Andrea’s willingness to challenge me out of my comfort zone, not putting up with any BS excuses, as well as hold me accountable for the things I had committed to. She was just what I needed in a perfect time in my life. Thank you, Andrea, for holding my hand when I was ready to jump…and giving me a push when I needed it.

Sue Kasson FLORIDA

I wanted to work with Andrea to realize what was meaningful in my life so that I could concentrate on just those “important to me” activities. She helped me dive into my values and really see what was crucial, both in my life and in my business. She even came up with my mantra for the year, “The Season of Sue. Thanks, Andrea!