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A couple months back in one of my coaches training classes we were asked to write down what was important to us. I can't remember the exact exercise, but there I was scribbling a list of this and that. I stopped to think hard about what it was that I wanted and then it hit me. I want to just be.

If you know me, you know that I can be a bit of a spazz. I like to think of it as “dynamically energetic”. Sometimes I am in such a hurry to do everything, I totally miss the journey because I am so focused on the destination. Gandhi once said, “There is more to life than increasing its speed” (by the way, that's on my vision board. See below). By slowing down we enable ourselves to truly connect with others, and “be” instead of “do”. I think having my son has taught me how to slow down too. This morning I watched him play with a wooden block. He threw it on the floor and watched it scoot across the floor. He crawled over to it, picked it up, inspected it and threw it again. Over and over, for 15 minutes.

So, I crossed out all the things I wrote on that piece of paper and wrote, “Just be.” I think I will find that piece of paper and frame it.

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