I am a true blooded, firey Aries woman through and through. I’m quick to start, do things with intensity, live passionately, talk fast, walk fast and am always looking at the step ahead of me. I’ve always dreaded the “Let’s celebrate what we’ve accomplished!” because quite frankly, I just don’t have any time for that. I’d rather spend that time planning the next big thing and running with it.

However….now that I’m older and wiser (seriously), I’ve come to understand the whole “appreciate all that you’ve accomplished” stuff. Because really, at the end of my life, when I finally slow the hell down, I can’t take it all with me. So, it’s kind of a no-brainer to stop (wait, what?) and be grateful for all that I’ve done.

And what better month to do it in than January. And this by no means is a brag list. Trust me, it’s out of my comfort zone to do this period, let alone publish it for the world to see. My own gremlin is having a shit-fit while I type this list, so please excuse me while I grab her by the hair and shove her in the coat closet…..

My hope is that you’ll understand that ANYONE can have a badass year. 2010 was a bit stressful for me, and my coaches Sarah Mitchell and Amy Smith will attest, but without a doubt, my biggest hope is that you can be inspired to have your own kick-ass 2011.

Here we go:

  • Completed 6 months of coaching training for my certification from CTI.
  • Maintained a clientele of between 7 and 11 amazing clients.
  • Completed 100+ hours of one-on-one coaching.
  • Managed to maintain nursing my daughter.
  • Took a business for coaches class.
  • Took a video class.
  • Birthed “Your Kick-Ass Life” as a business and filed the business name.
  • Had my website built.
  • Landed a big speaking gig for my biggest audience to date.
  • Wrote an e-book for my site.
  • Potty trained my son.
  • Went from blond to brunette.
  • Got rid of my “skinny jeans”.
  • Kept date-night sacred with my husband.
  • Stayed somewhat active with the San Diego ICAN chapter.
  • Developed and maintained countless relationships on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Attended an amazing event in LA with other Actionists(tm).
  • Started going to church again after many years away.
  • Blogged, blogged and blogged some more.
  • Decided to write a book and started writing it.
  • Changed my mind on said book.
  • Trained for and participated in my first triathlon and looked my fear of open water right in the face.
  • Began training for my first half-marathon.
  • Passed both the written and oral examinations and earned my coaching certification. (Yipee!)
  • Continued to believe my inner voice that tells me I am here on this earth to change the world, one woman at a time. (<–My favorite).

So now, anytime my bitch of a gremlin tells me I need to do more; I will point her to this list and tell her to bite me.

Now it's your turn….