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The coaching industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade. While it’s great that coaching has become more mainstream, what that means for coaches is this:


If you’re serious about having a successful business, there are some key, foundational things that need to happen. And if you landed on this page, chances are you’re a serious go-getter. When you put your heart and soul into something you kick some serious ass. 

I started coaching in 2007 and officially created a coaching business in 2010. I’ve offered everything there is to offer from private coaching and retreats to digital programs and group coaching. Webinars, free challenges, Facebook lives, speaking on big stages, I’ve essentially done it all. 

Many things have changed over the last decade plus, and many things have remained the same. The one thing I can tell you is that if you want to move forward, gain momentum, and have a profitable business, you need support and you need a plan. 

Maybe you’ve been running your business by throwing stuff at the wall and hoping it sticks. Or, you spend all your time “working”, but really you’re just looking at other coaches websites (and feeling like shit), spending waaaay too much time on Instagram, or googling, “should I start a podcast?”.

Or, maybe you have a solid brand and some clients, but you’re looking to expand by offering group coaching. Perhaps you want to start a podcast, or it’s your dream to write a book. 

Sound familiar? I totally get it and we can help.

We offer three different packages for two different types of coaches; newer and more established.

How to Start and Market a Podcast

Podcasting now is what blogging was in 2010, but it’s more involved to start and market.

Podcasting allows you to market yourself, attract an audience, and show your expertise. Your Kick-Ass Life Podcast has over 300 episodes and more than 2 million downloads. Andrea and her team can help you from start to finish, or just have some consulting sessions to map out a plan for episodes, learn how to invite guest interviews, or learn what it takes to monetize your podcast.

The amount of sessions for this package really depends on what you need, so we’ll customize the package to fit your needs. Packages start at $750 for a 90-minute jumpstart session and our most popular package is $5500. Please fill out an application and we’ll be in touch.

How to Write a Book, Get a Traditional
Book Deal and Sell That Book

If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing your book in bookstores, we can help. Andrea has written and published two books, her last book selling nearly 200,000 copies, being translated into 18 languages and is available in 22 countries around the globe. She’ll help you with your book proposal, consult with you about what it takes to land a literary agent, and help you fill in any gaps to get there, if needed. If it’s a great fit, she can introduce you to her top literary agent.

Like the podcasting package, the amount of sessions for this package really depends on what you need, so we’ll customize the package to fit you. Packages start at $750 for a 90-minute jumpstart session and our most popular package is $5500. Please fill out an application and we’ll be in touch.

We also offer a general consulting package where we cover topics like:


Not many of us went to the school of internet marketing. Don’t worry, it’s not sleazy, we’ll show you how. Everything from pitching yourself on podcasts, showing up on social media, and how to communicate with your online community.


You aren’t selling life coaching, you’re selling a solution to a problem people know they have. If you aren’t conveying this, you’ll have a hell of a time convincing clients to hire you. Let us help.

Website and website copy

Your “about me” and services page are the two most clicked on and important pages on your site. What you say on there (and the rest of your pages) matters to your business. A lot. We can help you write copy that conveys a clear message and sells your services and products.

How to build your audience

In order to sell your services, you need people to sell them to. We’ll teach you how to create value in order to attract the right people, and then the steps that go after that in order to keep their attention and sell your services. 

You also might have questions about bookkeeping and scheduling software, CRM systems, and all the things that help you build your online coaching business. Let us know what you need and we can help. Simply fill out an application and we’ll get back to you.

Let’s get it on…
The Jumpstart Session
$497 to $750
  • 90-minute session via phone or Zoom

  • Recording of call within 24 hours along with notes

  • One week of email and Voxer support

  • Pre-work done by you so we can spend time digging into your business and/or what you want to accomplish in your business before we actually meet.

  • You can also use this session to “pick my brain” about the coaching industry or traditional book publishing.
The Consulting Package
$2500 to $5500
  • 6, 50-minute sessions, every other week.

  • Voxer support throughout the duration of the coaching relationship for help in between sessions.

  • Customized consulting on your business. We’ll map out a plan before we get started as to what we’ll work on.

  • No BS. Compassionate honesty. Laser focused support. Always.
Within six weeks of working with Andrea, I launched my first teleclass, where I pulled in nearly $1,000 (for less than a day’s work), booked four new coaching clients, quit my job, and am about to launch three extensive online programs where I get to do what I love.
Working individually with Andrea has been absolutely amazing. As a trainer and coach myself, I am not easily impressed- but I can’t say enough about how dialed in is she and how that serves as an incredible catalyst for individual insight, movement, and clarity.

If you are considering it, do it.

If you aren’t considering it, you may want to.

Life is happening right now, and too many of us are sitting on big things we need to unleash. Not just for ourselves, but for the world. Andrea could be what helps you get there- and, on behalf of the world, we are (desperately) begging you to unleash it!


I came to Andrea with a dream to start my own health coaching business, confusion on how to get started and loads of fear around failure. I didn’t want to spend months and definitely not years putting all the pieces together or trying to figure everything out on my own.

After just a few sessions I have more clarity around my business and the steps I must take to be successful. I’ve gained more confidence to step into my power and out of my own way. I know my gremlin intimately and how to handle her sneaky ways! I no longer live in fear about my life or business.

My favorite part about working with Andrea is her energy and love of her work. Her creativity helps me think with big ideas and how to execute them. I feel genuinely supported with a fantastic coach and mentor and also armed with specific tools to succeed in life and my business. I also love Andrea’s enthusiasm and honesty! She doesn’t let me hide. She once told me I was making a bullshit excuse and I shouldn’t play small. That’s exactly what I needed, a good kick in the ass. I learned it’s only me stopping me and that’s something I can fix!

I’m finally ready to launch my business with confidence. I have created and will soon be rolling out my first holistic health program. I am developing (and selling out!) healing yoga programs and I have two clients ready to start my one-on-one programs. Thank you, Andrea!


I actually ran my business for a few years before I admitted I needed some help. Investing in coaching with Andrea was easily one of the best decisions I could have ever made. I see so much in her – an expert, an advocate, and a friend. She’s masterful when it comes to marketing and, whether she knew she did it or not, investing in her support also allowed me to feel comfortable investing more in my own business. (And of course the more you put in, the more you get back!) She also kept me accountable to following through with all those little ideas you get in the middle of the night or right when you get out of the shower – those things don’t need to stay ideas. They can become a reality! And those little ideas are oftentimes fast-tracks to achieving your bigger goals even faster. For me, I really wanted to create a digital product. Lo’ and behold – here I am now, just about ready to launch it along with a million other things. My business is on FIRE and it’s no coincidence. Andrea, I can’t thank you enough.


When I first heard of Andrea mentioned at my coach training program, I thought, ‘I HAVE to meet this woman someday!’ I knew anyone with a business name like hers speaks my same language. 😉 When I heard she was open to mentoring coaches in their business, I jumped at the chance, and I am so glad I did! Before working with Andrea, I had received a lot of marketing education and was in a wonderful Mastermind group, but I was lacking the one-on-one direction I needed as my business grew. I was wasting tons of time, energy, and hard-earned money in analysis paralysis. I couldn’t make decisions about where to go next in my business, how exactly to do my next launch…even what to change my business name to. I was not happy with my branding at the time. Everyone loved it but me. There was something missing: ME! I felt it appeared I was being authentic, but there was a part of me missing in my writing, in who I was BEING in my business. Andrea kicked my ass into authenticity. I changed my business name to one that made my heart sing, I revamped my products to be more like ME, and I allowed my true voice to come through in my writing more than I had ever done before.

And guess what? I launched my product a second time and got 30% more signups, I feel GOOD about my branding and feel it truly represents me and what I want to bring to the world, I get amazing feedback about my articles and posts, and I learned how to do many things in my business more easily, without the struggle, without that analysis paralysis. There’s more, but let me also say all this was just in a few sessions.

Andrea doesn’t beat around the bush – she is direct and simultaneously funny and compassionate. She makes me laugh and kicks my business into high gear. I am SO glad I met her and had the opportunity to work with her – it was so worth it!


​Do you only work with life coaches?

We work with life and health coaches– really anyone in the wellness coaching field. Please fill out an application or shoot us an email if you’re not certain it’s a good fit and we’ll let you know.

What if I’m a new coach and/or don't have a website yet?

You’d be a great fit to work with my lead coach, Liz Applegate. Fill out an application and she can schedule a free consultation with you.

What do you mean when you say “we”?

Andrea Owen does consulting with coaches for a very few amount of coaches, and her team steps in as well. Her podcast producer, Darlene Victoria has been podcasting and working in the podcasting industry since 2006. Her online business manager, Emily Kristofferson has been working behind the scenes of YKAL since 2012 and has had other clients like Andrea so she knows the ins and outs of online coaching business like no other. And Liz Applegate who is our lead coach at YKAL. Liz is both a life coach and consultant for new coaches. You can read more about the whole team below.

When you fill out an application we can customize a package based on exactly what you need.

I’m financially strapped because of the current Covid-19 crisis. Can you help anyway?

Right now we are offering payment plans with very low interest. Please reach out and we’ll do our best to work with you!


Before I started working with Andrea I felt clueless about how to reach potential clients and run a strong coaching business. I wanted to work with someone who was highly successful, but also stayed true to who they are and boldly served their clients from a place of compassion, courage, and confidence. Andrea is exactly this person! She’s smart, fun, brings her A-game and has so much great insight to share to help you take your coaching business to the next level.

I got so much done while working with Andrea that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to do in such a short amount of time. I launched a new website with great copy, created an opt-in gift, got 3 new clients, hosted my first ever teleseminar, added over 100 new people to my list, and have also increased my confidence as a coach and business owner! Working with Andrea was such a gift because not only was I able to build my business I also had a ton of fun in the process! Hire Andrea you’ll be so glad you did!


I came to Andrea confused about where to put my energy in my brand new coaching business, not sure how I would get clients, and with loads of questions such as how to put together the paperwork for new clients, how to manage my workday (with 2 toddlers!), how to grow my email list, and even what to put into my website copy. Andrea and I worked through all of that and more. I loved how honest she was with me about the growth of her own business, what it took and exactly how she did it. There were no secrets with her!

Within a few months I surpassed my goals and booked 5 clients and even made the decision to raise my rates! I’m so glad I invested the time, energy, and money in working with Andrea to help me get my coaching business off the ground!

Kimberly Herrick Townson LIFE COACH

Do not hire Andrea if you don’t mean business about your business, because she does! In just a few sessions Andrea helped me take the purpose-driven, dream business that existed only in my head and turned it into a reality. It wasn’t the insightful web tips or marketing advice she rocks out during sessions that changed me forever (though those were awesome too), it was her fierce wisdom and ability to rock the story I had told myself for years. Questions out of nowhere like, “So what?” and “What if it just wasn’t a big deal?” and “Says who?” stopped me in my tracks. Statements like “I call bullshit” and “I’m going to challenge you on that” rocked me. When I said I had to have my act together before I could help other people get their act together she respectfully listened and then just as respectfully said, “Why?” BAM! Are you kidding me?! Hello new truth!! It wasn’t what she did for my business that helped my business, it’s what she did for me that helped my business. She cracked open the dark story that I had been unknowingly telling myself and let the light of possibility blast through. She’s kind but fierce. Hire her. Then get ready to surprise yourself.
Your Kick-Ass Life Team:
Liz Applegate is a certified coach through the Courageous Living Coach Certification (TeamCLCC), an ICF accredited coach training program.

Besides having her own coaching practice and being a lead coach for Your Kick-Ass Life, she’s been on the leadership team of TeamCLCC since 2016, helping to teach and coach close to 200 trainees through online and in-person trainings.

Liz specializes in systems strategies and productivity. She’s excellent at helping newer coaches narrow down their niche and messaging, as well as helps and coaches newer coaches with their visibility.

Emily Kristofferson is a Project Manager and Integrator with 8+ years of experience behind the scenes of successful online coaching businesses. She understands what works and what doesn't, and why.

She can translate your vision into realistic plans with actionable steps whether that's a waiting list of clients, doubling your email list, or mapping out a profitable launch for a podcast, book, or course.

Emily will help you know what to prioritize, and make decisions in your business while giving you solid strategic advice. She will enable you to focus on what really matters, so you know exactly what to do to reach your goals.

Darlene Victoria has been a web designer since 2001 with a love for all things internet and technology. Her early adoption to podcast listening and podcast production is evidenced in the expertise she shares with her clients.

The foundation for her podcasting skills is deeply rooted in producing her first podcast, A Virtual Perception, in May 2008.

Having produced over hundreds of podcast episodes, Darlene finds enjoyment and fulfillment in guiding clients with their podcasts. She knows the ropes, knows the shortcuts, and knows what it takes to make a podcast that can be a sought-out valued resource to your targeted listeners.


When I came to Andrea I was thrilled with the coaching aspect of my business, but my message, website and business model lacked the clarity and effectiveness that I desired. I felt overwhelmed and did not where to start. After three months of coaching with Andrea I now have a plan that makes sense and she even helped me come up with an idea to create quick cash flow to be able to pay for my website redesign and rebrand! I feel excited about my business and am now fully confident and prepared to grow it to the next level. Thanks Andrea!

Kristen Mattison COACH AND BLOGGER

I have been following Andrea for a few years and have watched the progression of her business. The way she has marketed herself and grown her business really resonated with me. I was dying to find out what her secrets were and how she operated as a coach and within her business. The Coach Mentoring program offered me the perfect opportunity to get inside her head. We worked on brainstorming my ideal client together, and she also gave me some great feedback on my website. I loved working with Andrea because it was fun! We did a lot of laughing, but she is also completely honest and called me on my B.S. when I needed it. She was also very open to answering any question I had about how she operates her business. I have pages of notes from speaking with her that I routinely go over because she had so many good ideas, some that I have implemented, and some that I will implement in the future. More than anything, Andrea helped me to recognize that I have what it takes within myself to operate a successful business.


I was a new coach, wondering what I should focus on for the most benefit to my clients, and that would use my skills and experience most. Andrea helped me build a team of coaches and find mentors for my speaking and writing – the two areas I feel most strongly about in my field. Ultimately, it led me to get my book proposal started as well. My favorite part about Andrea is her in-your-face way she had me tackle my gremlins. Her courage has helped me more quickly hear and squash the voice of my own gremlin and help my clients do it too. As well as being attuned to the negative voices in my head. Once I could parse those out, it was easier to find direction for my coaching and work with families.

Jessica Funk

Without you I wouldn’t have known where to start. I had the passion, but no direction.