Guest Post By Kate Cardinali

At some points in your life you are made to change your speed whether you want to or not. Something makes you stop and gasp for air.

I now tell others that are too busy working to stop and appreciate life… don’t waste your life working, open your eyes before something happens that makes you stop.

Many people can say they take each day as a blessing, and live everyday to the fullest, but are they actually doing that? I can honestly say that I do.

I am inspired by many people and events in my life, but there will always be one person/event that changed me to my core and made me look at life VERY differently. I certainly wish this event NEVER occurred, but we always have to look at the positive because we can’t change the past as much as we would like too.

Five years ago, one of the most inspiring women in my life, my sister-in-law, was in a tragic car accident. The accident not only changed her life, but also changed the lives of everyone around her. The outcome: a severe brain injury, 24-hour care; a very limited life. This moment, which I can recall so vividly, changed my speed. I was working 100 hours a week but came to the conclusion that such stress on the job simply was not worth it.

Pre-accident, the reason why my sister-in-law was so incredible was because how she carried herself and what she did for everyone around her. It wasn't that she made a lot of money, or had advanced education, it was that she could walk into a room and make you do a complete 180. It didn't matter if SHE was even having a bad day, SHE made YOU her first priority. It was an incredible trait that I admired and still do. Today she still inspires me with her amazing and positive attitude.

When I found out about the accident, in that one moment, I changed. I didn't let a terrible situation bring me down because I knew she wouldn't want that. I made a decision to live in the NOW. I now truly live how she would want me too, full & loud. Five years ago, I didn't have the confidence that I do today. I’ve told myself I was amazing everyday for the past 5 years (ask my friends, I told them too), I changed myself. There is only one person who is going to help you, and its YOU. It took me a long time to realize this.

NOW, I teach others how to be amazing because that is what she taught me, in her little ways. I can hear her cheering me on, making me “turn that frown upside down.” Or “Chin up, buttercup!”  While I am certainly not a teacher, I am a normal abnormal person… but in every moment I choose to lift up others around me. If I feel someone I know is off, I ask them why and get them to smile, and get them to focus on the good and positive things. Because, that is what she did.

Being positive, DOES make a difference. Giving to others, WILL change your life. I know this, because it has changed mine. FIRST, you have to get to a place where you have that confidence in yourself and feel positive, only then can you truly spew it all over others surrounding you.

My sister in law, CONTINUES changing the lives of others around her. Every time I see her, she is laughing, she is smiling, sometimes she laughs so hard she cries. She works hard every moment of everyday.

It is always unfortunate when devastating things happen to your life and to your family. But in those moments, you can't think WHY, you can't think the worst. YOU HAVE TO BE POSITIVE. YOU HAVE TO THINK SOMETHING GOOD WILL COME OUT OF THIS. That is the only way you will get through sadness, devastation, heart break… without it bringing you down.

Tell me, is there a moment in your life that made you STOP, change and begin the process to become the best version of yourself.


Kate Cardinali, Owner of Innovative Media & Design (imdesign.me), and organzier of Great (Lakes Bay) Moms (www.greatlakesbaymoms.com), there is no denying that creative juices flow through her body.  Having three kids of her own, 2-year-old Jack, and 1-year-old twins, Olivia & Adriana, Kate knows all about the joys (and challenges) of motherhood, and life in general, but strives to always be an eternal optimist.