This is one of those posts that I even still shake my head in disbelief about. I mean, I have a TON of evidence that the Law of Attraction works, but this one takes the cake for 2012.

If you don't already know, I started writing a book in January of 2012. I started a blog about it so if anyone was interested in following the journey, they could do so.  In June I started the book proposal which I foolishly assumed would take me a month or so to complete. In November, I was still working on it. My goal was this:

I wanted to have the proposal done, have hired an agent and have said agent shopping publishers by the end of 2012. Lofty? Maybe, but I was determined.

I have a morning practice that I learned from a former coach of mine. She has an awesome product called, “Speed Dial the Universe” , in which you answer the same 7 questions every morning. One of them is “My wild hair intention. Wouldn't it be awesome today if…” and you fill in the blank. These are CAH-RAZY things that aren't in the realm of “Wouldn't it be awesome today if I found $20 in the dryer.” No, these are WILD things. Like, “Wouldn't it be awesome it I won 300 million dollars in the lottery.” or, “Wouldn't it be awesome if an anonymous person paid for a cleaning crew to clean my house forever!” Things like that.

Some days I write down moderately crazy things, some days I write really crazy things. Depends on my mood.

On October 17th, I wrote this:

Asking for a random $1000 isn't that crazy…but the book publisher contacting ME, was. It's like the real story of Charlize Theron getting discovered at a bank. One of those highly improbable situations. The next few days I filled out the journal with different Wild Hair Intentions.

On October 23rd, 6 short days after I wrote the above intention, I was greeted with this email…

I seriously almost shit myself.

I had about 10 seconds of excitement, then the questions:

What if it's a scam? 

What if she ends up hating the book after she hears about it? 

What if it's a joke? 

(Really, gremlin? Go to hell.)

I quickly forwarded the email to my book proposal coach, Debbie Reber, who assured me that this is in fact a legitimate publisher. It was only then that I remembered that I had asked the Universe for this a few days before.

Before you get all excited and start your own list of Wild Hair Intentions, I need to tell you this wasn't the ONLY thing I did to manifest this. It started MONTHS before. And what it comes down to isn't just that I wanted a book deal. That's just the goal. What I chose to focus on was the feelings and emotions I want and intend to get from this book deal. I was asked by other coaches and asked myself:

What's it going to be like? 

WHY do I want this? What's so important about it? 

Specifically, what do I want? 

I've made endless lists of “wouldn't it be awesome if's” that include getting the call from my agent that we have a deal, being done with the final edits of my manuscript, getting the box of finished books delivered to my house, watching the book become an Amazon best-seller and more. The feelings behind it are: Happiness, service, fulfillment, validation, and excitement.

As I write this post, that publisher that was interested has made an offer. I can't give any more details than that, but stay tuned!

I'd love to hear in the comments how you manifest wild intentions, or what exactly you WANT to manifest! 


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