*Preface: Mondays “Kick-Ass quote” was: “Action springs not from thought, but from a readiness for responsibility.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Every week when I send these out, I write a little response, sort of my own “kick-ass wisdom”, I suppose. But, this one stumped and intruiged me. “Responsibility?”, I thought. For what? And then it struck me …responsibility for your life.


Then my eyes fell on one of my favorite signs from a T-shirt I once saw:

Ladies and gentlemen.

Life is for living. Scratch that. Life is for grabbling by the testicles, and through gritted teeth saying, “This life is mine. I will live it with all I’ve got. I won’t take crap from anyone, won’t play small, or safe. I will admit that I’m a badass. I can break through after a break down. I can get up after I fall down on my face.”

What is your “Epic Shit”?

Is it to become a doctor or an amazing mother? To learn to cook or become a chef? To write a book, travel to Africa, learn how to knit, quit smoking, start a business, start a blog, open an animal sanctuary, kick your addiction, adopt an orphan, break into showbiz, what? WHAT IS IT??

You know what it is! You’re reading these words and you know. I don’t care if it’s something huge, or not. That’s subjective anyway. What is epic to you, is epic to you period. PERIOD. What is epic to you is fucking AWESOME. And once you start believing it, and not giving a shit who does or doesn’t, is when you could start taking action.

Take responsibility for your life. The Universe, as well as future generations that you are leaving a legacy for, sure as hell don’t care what so-and-so thinks of you right now. Some of the best, most influential, brilliant minds on this earth fell on their faces and failed over and over again. Do you think they would have influenced the world and been so incredible sitting around and putting off their dreams? How many people do you think have sat on their death beds and regretted not going out and LIVING THEIR LIVES!? There are no do-overs.

Close your eyes. (Well, leave them open so you can read, just pretend to close them). Imagine yourself 99 years old and sitting on a porch in a rocking chair. How will you finish this sentence:

“I wish I would have_________”

Whatever is there, is your epic shit. Go now.