I'm lucky enough to be friends and colleagues with some pretty amazing women. I posed a question to my fellow life coaches and women's empowerment activists: What is your favorite part about being imperfect? I received some fantastic and insightful answers I'd like to share with you today. And I'd love for you to share what is YOUR favorite part about being imperfect in the comments. Enjoy…

“Being imperfect is blissfully expansive. If I had it all figured out, growth wouldn't be necessary. And to me, growth is joyful…even when it's uncomfortable.” –Tanya Geisler

“That nobody thinks I'm as imperfect as *I* think I am! There are still things I don't like about myself but allowing imperfection = I have a lot more compassion, love and acceptance for myself. One more thing – I love the giggles and smiles of recognition when I come across a perfect mirror to me! Ha!” –Tia Sparkles

“Being imperfect equals freedom. Freedom to grow, to learn, to try again; To cultivate what I want to hone and to eliminate what I choose not to repeat.” –Amy E. Smith

“I consider authenticity to be empowering ourselves to be who we are, continue to push who we want to be, chase our dreams, face our fears, and perfection has no place in any of that. It simply isn't a word in my journey in life vocabulary :)” –Kendra Sebelius

“Imperfection has taught me acceptance, which isn't easy for a right-brained perfectionist to do. I compartmentalize my imperfection, as in, I'll never be a perfect cook or perfect mother and don't try to be. I just want to be authentic and loving to my kiddos.” –Melissa Wardy

“I'm happily imperfect, with my life motto “ancora imparo” —“I am still learning” (It's on my door. In my parenting. And gives me permission to be real) Guess it's kind of like a self-rendered hallpass to say, “hey, I'm doin the best I can.” In fact, if I had to write my own epitaph on my tombstone tomorrow it would be two words: “She tried.”” -Amy Jussel

“There's always more to learn. The chance to learn something new is what gets me out of bed every morning.” –Nancy Gruver

“The freedom to make mistakes, to get back up, and to spend a life time growing from them.”  -Emily Greener

“That it gives me something in common with everyone else in the world.” –Ashley Folsom

“The love and acceptance of self in all it's perfect imperfection.” -Diane Hunter

“Perfect would be boring.” -Lori Race

“If I had it all figured out, what would I be doing here? Imperfection helps to give my life meaning and purpose. It creates twists and turns that keep the journey so interesting, I wouldn't want to reach my destination.” -Angela Lauria

“I love being absolutely perfect at imperfection!” –Christina Brandt

“I don't know cause I'm Perfect!! :). Seriously, who would we be if we saw ourselves as perfect? Imperfect only seems to exist when we compare ourselves to others. I'm pretty sure I'm perfect, and so are all lof you!” -Valerie Steiger

“Helps me to laugh at myself, helps me to be compassionate about the experiences of others, and never a dull moment.” –Deborah Reber

“Entering doorways from my painful imperfections that show me how truly blissful it can be now, even though the imperfections are still there. Knowing that the imperfections bring me to my soul's love.” -Kimberly Dawn

“Every breakdown is opportunity for breakthrough. I'm addicted to those breakthrough feelings.” -Rozan Holbrook

“Denial comes to mind, can't one be beautifully imperfect and happy with that? Aren't we imperfect until we reach liberation and then we would be in so much bliss we merge with the infinate and don't care about what we once thought to be imperfection. Imperfect compared to what? My imperfection I love that I don't need to iron until I choose to wear it. That I can wear no make up for days on end and still feel glamourous even with just a touch of lip gloss. That I spell things wrong because my grammer is not what it could be. That I say the wrong thing but then it turns out to be what I meant and makes connections with those of the same values and beliefs then turns into something wonderful and expansive. Imperfect is the new perfect, try it…” -Elouise Firth

“I can't mess it up. It makes me and each of us unique. Being imperfect is sooooo much more fun!!” -Susan McDiarmid

“Deep compassion for self and others” -Connie Cruthirds