Dear YKAL Community,

Once again, the senseless death of a Black person, George Floyd, has sent our nation into outrage, as it should.

There are things as a personal development teacher I encourage you to do, and one of them is to pay attention.

So, now, I’m asking us to pay attention. To my non-black community, we need to pay attention. Black people are hurting. They have been for a long time.

I am not a race educator, but I know there are a decent amount of white women looking to me and asking where to start with anti-racism work. Here’s where:

This YKAL podcast episode with Andréa Ranae Johnson. She talks about the connection to personal development and social justice (episode 156). It’s from 2017, but still very relevant.

Foundations for Social Justice with Dr. Tee Williams. I’ve taken this course myself and it was enormously helpful. Dr. Tee was also on my podcast here (episode 285).

Both Rachel Cargle and Leesa Renee Hall have excellent Patreon subscriptions that are very affordable and rich with education.

There is so much more, but that’s a great place to start. This is ongoing work that can’t be wrapped up in a week.

This work matters. Black lives matter. Please, pay attention.

In solidarity and doing my own work with you,