Guest post by Michelle Barry Franco

Remember that moment in the darkness of your bedroom – 2am, wide awake and desperate for a change, a solution, some sign as to what you should do next… Then, suddenly – The Shift.

In one spin of the room, you knew that everything was going to be different. It was already different.


Maybe it was that day you decided that you had tolerated the crap, the mind-numbingness, the abuse… far too long. You stood up and walked out that door – for real this time – and sprinted (or maybe you limped) toward the life you knew you deserved.

Whether your kick ass life began in the depths of depression, as a dramatic move away from a relationship or work that ate away at your soul, staring in shock at your doctor's grave expression, or some other unfurling…

You've got a powerful message to share.

That pain and struggle – that moment of realization – is happening to others out there right now. They need your story, your lessons, your encouragement – and then your coaching, mentorship, guidance, support. Your life-changing message matters so very much.

Wouldn't it be so beautiful if your experience – your transformation – could serve their own kick ass life evolution?

It can. It should. There are real people out there desperate for your story, your message.

So, let's get your story into that powerful life-changing message asap, shall we?

This way, you can start sharing it everywhere – and making lives better from it.

This process is a pretty deep inquiry that will lead directly to the essence of your message. Then, you will make a bold, radically clear declaration of Your Message (capitalized to indicate its stature and certainty.) So, get comfy for the deep dig – go someplace you can concentrate for a few minutes to get the most out of this.

Revealing Your Message

Answer these questions quickly, without too much thought. If it helps, ask them out loud and answer out loud. Then, jot down notes from your answer. (Sometimes we say things more easily than write them. Try it.)

If you were just straight up honest about it (no fear, no modesty), what does it feel like you were meant to do with your talents and gifts in this life?

What struggle have you experienced that you have overcome?

What is the problem that caused the struggle?

What is the underlying problem that really caused the struggle?

How is your life different because of that struggle?

How is your life different because you solved that struggle?

Who do you know that also struggles with this?

Are there groups of people who collectively tend to struggle with this issue?

What do you wish you knew “then”, that you now know?

If you were absolutely COURAGEOUS about it, what would you shout from the rooftops so that others could hear you about this struggle?

What one secret thing would you whisper in the ear of a person in the same situation you were in before?

Refining Your Message

Read over your answers above. Based on your answers, what is one sentence that represents your message above?

Now, check your sentence. Most radically clear Messages have these four qualities:

  1. It is easy to remember
  2. You can say it all in one breath
  3. It resonates powerfully with those who need to hear and learn from the message
  4. You are compelled to share this message from the core of your being. It is Your Message and feels that way.

Cut out unnecessary words, say the sentence out loud to see how it feels to you. When you can affirm the four qualities above in your sentence, write that sentence on a piece of paper.


Congratulations! That sentence is Your Message.

Don't over-analyze Your Message too much at this point. Your goal is to get Your Message radically clear to you so you can start getting it out into the world.

Please note: a compelling, truly useful message will not resonate with everyone nor is it necessarily complete or catchy. In fact, there is plenty that a great message doesn't need to or won't do.

Things your radically clear message does not need to do:

  • Say everything about your message
  • Resonate with people outside of those who need you and your message (so don't ask your brother or best friend what they think, unless they qualify as someone who needs this message!)
  • Rhyme or otherwise be cute or catchy (though it can)
  • Give away your solution

Your message will evolve as you do. Let this happen as you interact with those who need your message. You will notice words and feelings they describe that will help you call out to them ever more compellingly.

You have a powerful reference here in Your Message.

You will create speeches from it, write articles and posts from it, create web copy around that message.

In case you find it helpful as you refine your own Message, here are a few examples of others' messages:

Passion Trumps Peace

You Deserve Shelter for Your Spirit

Life's Too Short for it Not to Kick Ass (sound familiar?)

Your Message Matters (she writes, smiling)

Now, take out a clean, white paper and write out your message all pretty-like. Draw hearts around it – or birds or motorcycles or skull and crossbones, if you prefer. Just keep it nearby as a reminder that this is what you are here to say, THIS is the life-changing Impact you are here to make.

Remember, no one else can deliver Your Message.

Not one person who has ever lived, or will ever live, can share your message, your way, with your story.

This is why we need you out here in the world, sharing your message, making lives better.

And frankly, you deserve to make that Impact you so passionately want to make in the world. Now, get out there and make it!

Michelle Barry Franco, M.A., CPC is wholeheartedly committed to helping people with a message to share that message with the world authentically and powerfully. She has had the pleasure of watching hundreds of clients, students and workshop attendees turn their life experience into impactful presentations. Michelle is keenly aware that learning how to organize and present a life-changing speech is only possible when we ease our anxiety and stuckness around taking such big, bold action. That's why she created The 10 Day Stuckness Cleanse, a *free* eCourse full of simple exercises that gently yet powerfully remove the mental and emotional blocks to sharing our message big, bold and courageously with the world. Get your free 10 Day Stuckness Cleanse directly to your inbox at www.michellebarryfranco.com.