Recently I was overcome by a wave of gratitude about  my life. It was one of those moments where I stepped back and took inventory of where I was. I had managed to accumulate everything I wanted. I realized my dreams had come true. It's still in process, but if I died tomorrow, I would leave this Earth with complete blissful happiness  and zero regrets. So, in my blissful haze I posted this to my Facebook status:

I received a few messages from people asking me just how I made this happen. So, I decided to tell you…

1. I settle for nothing less. My coach told me, “If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no!” I try my best to make every decision based on that mantra. If I’m up against a decision to do something and I just have lukewarm feelings about it, it’s a hell no. I trust my gut here and it never lets me down.  The more we point our life in the direction of “hell yeses” the more they will come to us easier.

2. I made the decision that it will happen. Many years ago I found myself crying in a heap on the floor of my bedroom. It was the moment I drew the line in the sand and said, “No more. I will not settle for a shit life anymore.” I worked tirelessly on believing I could make my dreams come true.  I didn’t know how or when, but I knew it could happen.

3. I truly believe I am worthy. This was a key factor in the above paragraph. I had settled for the life I had before (as well as the relationship) because I didn’t think I could do any better. Translate: I didn’t think I was worthy of any better. I had tortured myself over mistakes I had made and allowed that to determine my worth and what I did and didn’t deserve. This is complete and utter bullshit. As long as you live and breathe, you are worthy of your dreams and happiness.

4. I surround myself with amazing people. Funny thing happened when I shifted my beliefs about myself. The Universe drop shipped like-minded people into my life. New opportunities arose, and my confidence gained momentum. It was no accident. I've made a conscious effort to let go of old friendships that weren't serving me, and commit to new ones that are.

5. I’m learning to chill the hell out.  This is still a work in progress, but a work that is oh-so important. I can tend to be melodramatic, anxious, and just plain nutso sometimes. Part of it is naturally how I am, and the other part is how I cope. When it’s used as a coping mechanism, it’s not serving me.

6. I refuse to focus or give power to things I don’t want. Obsessing on shit you don’t want? Guess what? You’re going to get more of that. Of course I still have thoughts. I might frown over my student loan statement. But, what I don’t do is obsess on the debt. I refuse to worry. Worrying is like praying for more of what you’re worrying about to grow.

7. I listen to my gut feelings.  Lord knows I’ve ignored my intuition before. And every time it gets me into a huge mess.  Recent example: The hubs and I + our 2 kids moved last year from California to Utah. We’ve been renting and recently got the ball rolling to buy a house. I got starry-eyed with the prospect of purchasing a brand new house (partly because you can get A LOT more house for your buck in cities other than San Diego), but I could not ignore the feeling that was telling me, “No. Not here.” I broke down and had to admit it to my husband that I couldn't stay here forever.

And a bonus!

8. I accept that my life and my dreams are not a destination. The minute I think I’ve arrived, is the minute I stop growing. All of us have the ability to be life-long students of personal growth. No matter if right now you’re feeling stagnant or lost. In any hard situation we all have the ability to ask ourselves, “What am I learning? What about this is making me stronger or better?”  Life experiences don’t need to be looked at as worthless if you’re learning. In fact, we don’t grow from the great, euphoric life moments. It’s the hard times that make us better.

So, I'm curious. What is something YOU have done to make your dreams come true? Or which one of these do you feel you need to work on? 


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