This weekend I had the opportunity to be coached by a Life Coach during my coaches training. So there I was in the hot seat (I call it that because I was sweating profusely) and she confronted me on something I have been told before, but have always brushed off: The way I beat myself up about things that have happened in my life and now that I really think about it, things that still do happen. It's true. It's like an all out assault on my soul, beat down by none other than me!! I no longer tolerate people in my life that treat me badly and am proud of the fact that I have successfully eradicated those people from my life. It's like I gave myself a vaccination to protect me against having any kind of relationship with any toxic person. But the vaccine is useless against me. It's really quite ridiculous! I ask myself, “Would I be friends with me? Do I treat people with respect? When I make a mistake do I apologize and try to fix it?” and the answer to all is an astounding “YES!!!” Then why is it that I am unconsciously mean to myself when I am nicer to others, and I am the person I spend the most time with and should love the most.

One attribute I strive to maintain is to not judge others. It's not my job (like I need another one anyway) and it really is quite ugly. But somehow I have made judging myself an exception to the rule. That's a bunch of CRAP!

Some of my worst offenders are:
“You should have known better”
“People think you are annoying”

And I have to admit, I am too embarrassed to write anymore!

So, my point is, just be conscious of it and knock it off! All of us. This world is tough, but there is so much good. And so many, many good people. And I have to admit….I'm one of them.