I am immersed in self-growth and development. I don’t just dabble in it; I cannonball in the deep end every damn day. As a life coach, I help other people cannonball into their deep end, and I have literally hundreds of friends that do the same. My Facebook news feed is littered with inspiring quotes, motivating articles, and even news about the business of self-growth and development.

And I do walk my talk. When something comes up in my life (translation: when my own shit comes to the surface no matter how much I try to pretend it doesn’t) I have a million tools to remedy it and a million and 1 friends to call who will happily hear me out and help me.

I’m like…the luckiest girl alive!

But wait- there’s more. Check out my library. And this isn’t all of them:

Not to mention the audios, spreadsheets on goal setting, and quotes made into beautiful images so I can pin to my hearts content.

But, at the end of the day, I’m still human (I know, you’re shocked). I have days where I get disenchanted, disillusioned and irritated with life in general. Wine used to “help” this, but these days it’s all about leaning into it. Or, should I say fighting-it-until-I-can’t-fight-it-anymore-falling-down-on-my-face-and-then-deciding-leaning-might-work.

And I know oh-so much about the Law of Attraction. I know very well that if I think and worry about the shit I don’t want, I’m not exactly setting the scene for manifesting what’s on my vision board. More like I’m serving up my highest self a pile of manure.

In other words- I totally, 100% understand that being stressed, irritated, and fearful is not good for me. I know this as much as I know the sky is blue, mmm kay?

But, life happens. Shit happens. I would say about 93.6% of the time I am happy, positive, upbeat, forward focused and tap dancing through life. But, there’s that other 6.4% that I’m not.

Well, that’s what this post is about. It’s all a process. All of it. And sometimes included in that process is just having a fucking plain ‘ol bad day. Or week. Amy Smith (aka The Joy Junkie) is my bestie. Every once in a while we have these conversations that Amy has lovingly nicknamed: “Shitting Glitter”. We get on the phone and we bitch, moan, vent, cry, shake our fists in the air and well, basically have shit fits. We listen to each other, and mostly don’t try to fix it unless the other one asks. Which in most cases if it’s a real shit fit, it’s not about fixing it, but more so just getting it out. These don't happen very often, and when they do, we are totally aware of what is happening.

Moral of the story (because you know I always have one….that’s what I do) is that it’s OKAY TO BE HUMAN. No one is 100% on their best game all the time. No one. And if you pretend to never have times like these, you're lying to yourself and to the world. Pants on fire. Feel your feelings, but if you're having a “shitting glitter” time, don't let those feelings take over your life, any by all means, don't make big decisions during these times. Just be aware, get it out, LEARN and move on.

So, I'd love to hear about your shit-fits. Do you let them come up? Tell us about it!