Friday, November 15th, I had a wrench thrown at me.

On a flight from Salt Lake City to San Diego my MacBook laptop disappeared. I had packed it in my suitcase and checked the bag with the airline. Stupid? Maybe. But, I live in a bubble where I believe that people don’t steal. That there is just no way that other people commit malicious acts like theft. Coupled with the fact that my mother raised me to believe that stealing was the worst of the Ten Commandments, and that if I did so, she would give me away to gypsies. And if you know my mom, you know she means business.

When I discovered my laptop was missing, I had one of those out-of-body experiences. The immediate this isn’t happening to me right now thought. Followed by the there is NO WAY IN HELL THIS IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW thought. But, try as I might to believe this and the longer I stared at the spot where my laptop should have been in my suitcase…it was a reality.

You see, I run my own business. I have for more than 2 years. And I’ve had this computer since then. I’ve also had this same computer since my first child was born 5 years ago. I had hundreds of files for my business and hundreds of photos and videos of my kids from newborn to their current age.

Are you thinking, “Did you back everything up?”



However, on a whim several weeks ago, I backed up my manuscript for the book I’ve been writing since January on a flash drive I found in our kitchen drawer. I was worried my hard drive would crash and I would lose it. I totally took for granted all the photos and videos of my kids. The ironic thing is that I could re-write the manuscript. Yes, it would be devastating, but I could do it. But, there’s no way for me to re-create all the lost pictures and videos of my babies.

And I wonder about the person that took it. That has it right now. Why would they think it’s okay to unzip my suitcase, grab my laptop and just take it? Did they open it up later, turn it on and open up iPhoto? Did they see the hundreds of pictures on there and wonder…wonder if there was a mom and dad out there that will miss the pictures? Or did they open up my files…my business plan, my coaching tools, my ebooks, class curriculums…new ideas, everything?*

Maybe they hate their job. Maybe they think the airline they work for sucks and they deserve to take what they want.

I don’t know.

But, I do know that somewhere in their life, they are suffering. And that makes me sad. Because no healthy, sound-minded person would steal from another. From a total stranger, even.

I’m doing my best to feel compassion for the person that stole my laptop, invaded my privacy and just plain did a shitty thing.

So, to the person that did it. Maybe you’re reading this because you found my website. Well, I forgive you. I hope you find whatever peace in your life that you need to in order to stop this type of hurtful behavior. I’m still in a lot of pain over the fact that I will probably never see or even be able to show my kids the pictures of their birth, their birthday parties, holidays, and more. Yes, hard lesson learned for me. But, I hope you learned one too.

(* in case you’re wondering, no, I don’t have any client files there. I print them out old school style and have them in files in my office.)