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With all the super-skinny-emaciated celebrities out there for decades now, I often find myself cheering for the more “normal” looking woman. Tonight my husband and I were watching Chelsea Lately and I said, “I love Chelsea because she's so pretty and not so ‘celebrity' skinny”. He replied, “Have you noticed that a lot of famous female comedians aren't super skinny?” I thought about some of my all time favorites, Margaret Cho , Janeane Garofalo and Ellen DeGeneres and thought he was right. As some of us know, many of some great female comedians have struggled with weight issues publicly including Margaret Cho and Kathy Griffin, but I guess what I am really trying to say, is most of the funniest women on TV, aren't “model-drop-dead gorgeous”. So, that leads me to the question: Would you rather be around a woman who is funny or drop-dead gorgeous?

One thing I try to achieve day in and day out is to not take life too seriously. All in all, if we sit back and watch it, it's funny. Take sex, for example. C'mon, it's funny. The faces, the noises, the carrying on and on. IT'S FUNNY!!! Yes, it's intimate and beautiful….but it's funny. And I'm a potty humor junkie. True story: My 12 year old nephew called me to tell me that he was watching a weather report on the news and the weather man tried to say “Showers started…” and instead he said “sharted” (which we all know means when you think you have to fart and you shit instead). I love that my 12 year old nephew thought to call his 33 year old aunt Andrea because she would appreciate that and think it was funny.

How much happier would women be if they spent as much time trying to have fun as they do trying to be beautiful? And not care what people thought about them? Hey, I am guilty of feeling judged positively or negatively about the way I look or how much I laugh loudly, but at the end of the day, I would rather make someone laugh than have them think I am pretty.

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