Guest post by Debbie Reber

I'm so excited to bring Debbie back as s guest poster on YKAL. Debbie breathed life into my book proposal and I am deeply grateful for her help in getting me my publishing deal! Enjoy…


Have you ever felt the pull to pen a book? Maybe you’ve been to hell and back and you want to help other women avoid the mistakes you made. Maybe you have an area of expertise and expanding your reach through the writing of a book feels like the logical next step. Or maybe you can’t even pinpoint the exact reason why you want to write, but you just know it’s something you’ve got to do.

If you have the desire to write a book, you’re not alone — more than 80% of people want to write a book at some point in their lives. But the reality is, most of them don’t.


The reasons are many, but my hunch is, many would-be books get quashed before fingers even meet keyboard because of this little, but powerful, thought: Who am I to think I have a story worth telling? (Common variations include: No one will care about my book! and I don’t have anything interesting to say!)

But the real truth? No one else can write the book you would write. Not Stephen King, not Martha Beck, not Brene Brown. No one can write your book but YOU.

That’s because no one else sees the world through your lens. Your unique personal story, your life experience, your belief system, and the way you interpret life events and circumstances all combine to create a perspective that can’t be replicated. Not even by a New York Times bestselling author.

No one else writes the way you do. No puts language together in quite the same way, has the same exact tone, would choose that particular metaphor or turn of phrase to make a point.

No one else feels compelled to write the same exact book as you. Even if on the surface a topic seems similar, your personal “why,” the way you want to approach the subject matter, your plan for organizing your ideas, and the actual execution of the writing of the book is something only you could pull off.

So what? you may be thinking. No one else can write the same book as me, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth writing.

I beg to differ. Because your readers — your tribe — is out there (even if you haven’t connected with them yet). Just as you see the world in your own unique way, there are readers who will connect with you because of this very perspective. And these are the readers — however large or small a group they might be — who will be inspired, motivated, informed, and changed for the better by what you have to say.

And finally, if that’s not enough of a reason for why your book is worth writing, how about this one:

Your book worth writing for you. To fulfill that dream. To leave a legacy for your friends and family. To push yourself and challenge yourself and learn a ton about yourself along the way.

And that, to me, sounds like a story worth telling.


Deborah ReberDebbie Reber is bestselling author, speaker, and life coach who helps writers, creative entrepreneurs, and teen girls do their thing with confidence. She is currently enrolling writers for her 12-week teleclass, Write Your Irresistible Book Proposal.

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