Episode 001Yahoo!!! I’m so excited to kick off the very first podcast of Your Kick-Ass Life!

Here’s what’s happenin’ in episode 001:

  • What you can expect from each podcast, how often, and when.
  • Some personal stuff about what’s going on in my life, which includes my troubles shaving my armpits lately.
  • Next up I talk about what living a kick-ass life means. I first go into the whole term of “living life on your terms”. That’s a term that gets thrown around a lot, don’t ya think? So, what does that even mean? I break it down to three things:
    • Your Values. What are they? Are you honoring them or are they forgotten?
    • Surrounding yourself with people that bring you joy and bring out your BIG ness.
    • Standing up for what you believe in and honoring your passions.
  • I end with talking about the three BIG enchiladas of the inner-work. All of my podcasts will talk about inner-work and I’ll go into more detail with each, and in this podcast I mention:
    • Self talk: What’s happening with the conversation you have goin’ on in your noggin?
    • Feeling your feelings instead of numbing them.
    • Unconditional self love. Not whenever you do this, that, and the other. Loving yourself ALL the time.

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