Episode 002n this episode, I talk about beliefs and how that can be great, but depending on the belief, they can be disempowering and hold us back from truly living a kick-ass life.

I start with some notes I took from Wikipedia and what Wiki says about beliefs:

  • We tend to internalise the beliefs of the people around us during childhood. Most individuals believe the religion they were taught in childhood.
  • Advertising can form or change beliefs through repetition, shock, and association with images of sex, love, beauty, and other strong imagery.

My definition is simple: A thought happens, maybe it came from advertising, childhood, past relationship, or current relationship. That thought happens over and over again = belief.

I think beliefs get reinforced in two ways:

1) Finding evidence. Thoughts create feelings, which create actions, which many times will show us evidence of the original thought. An example might be: Thought- “My husband doesn’t understand me”. Feeling- Frustrated, sad, resentful, closed off. Action- Not open to communication, saying negative things about her husband to her friends, being closed off from him. The evidence is going to show her that he doesn’t understand her because of the action she took. Make sense?

2) Repeating the belief to ourself in the form of negative thinking/self talk.

BIGGEST beliefs that hold us back:

1) I’m not worth it

2) I can’t do it

3) I’m not good enough

4) What if…

Helping it/What to do:

  • Don’t feel like you can erase or erradicate all beliefs that hold you back. Don’t have to go from A to Z. Just from A to B.
  • If it helps, think about where your beliefs come from. Not a place to point fingers/blame and shame, but it might be eye opening to see that they aren’t based on TRUTH, but on someone else’s opinions and judgements.
  • Bite sized chunks! The biggest piece of advice I want to leave you with is to simply be aware of the beliefs that aren’t serving you.

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