Podcast 008Hi there ass kickers! I’m thrilled to bring you a loooooove expert—A man's perspective for women about relationships! In this episode Bern and I discuss how to stop feeling rejected by a man (where I ask for his help on an issue in my own marriage), how to move forward if you’re stuck in the perspective of having been in failed relationship after failed relationship, as well as some advice for the single ladies!

Go to Bern’s website, yourgreatlifetv.com where he has TONS of videos and free advice there!

BernardoBernardo Mendez is a lover of life whose mission is helping women reconnect back to their hearts, cut the painful game of staying stuck in a story, and crack open to really love and be loved with devotion and infinite passion. Bern has actively been helping others break through their own limitations, addictions and pain for over twenty years (which makes him feel kind of old at times). He is the founder and host of yourgreatlifetv.com a digital space to get practical tools to get the man you want. He lives in Austin, TX with his gorgeous wife and two amazing sons.

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My upcoming launch with the free video series is here.

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