Podcast 010
Mike is back as my sidekick this week! I wanted to talk to him about relationships because well basically—he’s got some experience here! I love getting a man’s perspective on love, relationships, and sex because let’s face it, many times we’re all just a little confused.

Some points we covered:

  • I jump in by asking Mike: As a single guy, what are you looking for in a woman AND in a relationship?
  • We both discuss what's the biggest mistake we've made in a relationship and what we learned.
  • I tell a funny Match.com story and Mike reveals what he learned the most about himself from online dating (and what would be good for ALL of us to learn).
  • Changing your perspective on your beliefs about being the BEST. Mike gives us a new belief to chew on.

Stay tuned for next week when we talk about S-E-X and I get all nervous and giggly. And if you haven’t signed up already, my FREE 6-part video series is coming up AND my book is up for pre-sale.. HOLLA!


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