Podcast 011

Isabel Foxen Duke is my guest today talking about body image and food, two things that most women struggle with. In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Isabel talks about the TWO reasons she believes women eat more than they need.
  • We discuss food addiction, and Isabel tells us her controversial opinion of this.
  • I ask Isabel about her article in the Huffington Post about why the “love your body” campaigns aren't working. In the article she states that we first need to break down the beliefs we've grown to be comfortable believing…such as “What are you making ‘fat' mean”. Isabel discusses what exactly she thinks we as a culture are making fat mean.
  • Isabel talks about “feeling fat” and what she does with clients when they tell her all their problems can be solved by losing weight.

The link to Isabel’s Huffington Post piece is here.

Hot Seat PhotoIsabel Foxen Duke is a Health Coach and Emotional Eating Expert. She helps women who can't stop sneak eating food in the middle of the night; binge-eating after a long-day at work; and who are constantly on tiring food regimens with no long-term success. In short, she helps women stop being crazy around food and weight.


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