Episode 013
Kate Courageous joins the YKAL podcast!

I’ve watched Kate from afar for a while now…like when you’re in high school it’s one of those, look at that really pretty, smart, kind girl that knows everyone. So, I did some internet stalking (as we all do) and was SO hoping she wasn’t going to talk about how to get rid of fear. Please, please, please! And what I found was that she is AWESOME and no, doesn’t talk about kicking fears ass, but instead talks about understanding fear and having a better relationship with it. From Kate’s website: “Your Courageous Life sounds the call for you to revolutionize your life from within through practicing courage. Kate defines courage as: feeling afraid, diving in anyway, and transforming.

So, I knew I HAD to speak to this woman. I’m so excited to have you all listen to this podcast! Here’s what we discussed:

  • I ask Kate to speak about how inner-critic work is really about compassion and why it is such an important aspect in this work.
  • Kate talks about what is the most courageous thing anyone can do to transform a life.
  • I ask Kate what she sees as the biggest thing women struggle with in terms of courage and how can they start to overcome that.

Also, Kate is my very first guest expert this month for Your Kick-Ass Crew, my brand new membership program which registration opens on THURSDAY!
kate-facebook-2013Kate Courageous is a life coach, writer and speaker who teaches people how the practice of courage is revolutionary. Since 2009, thousands of people have visited www.yourcourageouslife.com to learn more about working with fear and practicing courage–with the core message being that when you’re trying to eradicate fear or pretend that it doesn’t exist, you’re working against yourself. Her approach is a sexy-soulful combination of intuitive spirituality with brass-tacks, pragmatic wisdom. She defines courage as feeling afraid, diving in anyway, and transforming. Kate is the author of the Courageous Living Program and The Coaching Blueprint.You can also follow her to get daily doses of courage on Twitter or Facebook.


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