Episode 014

Lauryn Ballesteros is my guest today and I’m honored to now call her my friend. In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Lauryn talks about how ALL of us are inherently authentic, and we actually learn not to be as we grow up. She gives simple tools on how to get back to our true self.
  • People pleasing! I ask Lauryn what she says to women who are stuck in caring so much about what other people think.
  • I ask Lauryn about spirituality in terms of how people want to create it in their lives vs organized religion that many of us grew up on.What she says here was a HUGE eye-opener to me in my own journey to find my way back to a spirituality practice that works for me.
  • Since I know many of my listeners are coaches, Lauryn and I discuss something that I see often: That women have an easier time being authentic in their everyday lives, but when it comes to their business and/or sales, it's harder and they get very “serious”.

LaurynBallesterosLauryn is a sales/marketing expert, blogger, and cultural entrepreneur focused on bringing authenticity into everything she touches. She loves Italy, her dog, and a good book on the beach.



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