Episode 016

I’m so excited to have a podcast especially dedicated to coaches! My first guest on this topic is Becca Tracey of The Uncaged Life. Becca and I spend nearly an hour having an honest conversation about the coaching business. Mistakes we made, the things that worked, and just great content that will surely help your coaching business. More specifically, we discussed:

    • What our biggest surprises were in the business of coaching.
    • The misconceptions that we’d make a TON of money right off the bat.
    • The truth about digital products! We both told our stories about our first launches as well as important information about when is the best time to launch a product.
    • Finding your niche: how to find it and why it’s so important.
    • Marketing- how some coaches think it’s a dirty word and our advice for finding coaches and mentors that work for you.
    • List size: An important question to ask yourself about your list before you start to build it.
    • And more!

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Becca Tracey is a Life-Switch Coach + Professional Adventure Instigator.  She works with people who want to work for themselves doing something they actually give a damn about, so they have the freedom to work on their own terms, travel the world, and live life THEIR way. Becca helps people create cool jobs out of thin air, and also works with entrepreneurs to help them Uncage their businesses, and make sure they are doing things THEIR way. Her people are cubicle-phobic crusaders, freedom-seeking fanatics, and anyone who believes that they’re here for a really BIG reason… if only they could figure out what. And ideally, soon.
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