Episode 18This episode is two-fold: An update on those of you following the whole book publishing journey and help people with BIG fear. This book has been one the most fearful goals I have ever embarked on and has brought up a whole new array of fears. In this podcast I talk candidly about it and how I’m getting through it.

Here’s what you’ll hear:

  • An event that happened over the weekend that really rocked my world in a heavy way. I tell you how I got through it by feeling the feelings that came and without turning to any numbing mechanism.
  • One of my favorite quotes: “If it doesn’t scare the shit out of you, it’s not big enough”. This project has been one of those. The only difference in my life was that I took action and one of the main reasons was that I knew I would regret is a lot if I never did. I also talk about using that as a gauge to really think about if this is something you really need to do.
  • I list ALL the excuses I had before I decided to write the book. Maybe some of them sound familiar to you! And I tell you what the tipping point was.
  • I discuss two big triggers for me: Stats and bad reviews. Oy! I’m still working on these things not mattering. Does anyone really not care at all? 😉

So what is your big fearful dream? What is your big thing out there that you want to do? Big dreams take courage and courage is simply feeling fear and going through it anyway.

Here are the links I discussed in the episode:

The promotions contest is here.

The launch special and how to get 4 free chapters is here.

And you can purchase 52 Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life here.

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