Podcast 21

I suppose love is in the air this January, because here is yet another episode talking about it! My friend and colleague Kira Sabin is a coach for (adventurous) singles, and today we’re dishing about common, age-old love advice that just simply sucks and isn’t true. Kira is even more irreverent than me, so you’re in for a special treat!

Here’s the advice we’re talking about and what you’ll hear:

1. “You’ll know it when you see it”

  • Kira discusses the “slow burn” and why it’s so important in a healthy relationship.
  • I ask Kira what WILL you know when looking for love and she gives me her bottom line advice.

2. “Love conquers all”

  • We discuss where love actually comes from.
  • Kira’s advice on how to create a RELATIONSHIP instead of LOVE. (But, you can have both!)

3. “When you’re not looking, you’ll find him/her”

  • Andrea and Kira 100% agree on what to do instead.
  • Andrea talks about something she learned in a 12-step program that helps tremendously in relationships.

4. “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” (<–WTF?)

  • Kira tells us why she thinks infidelity is so high.
  • Andrea and Kira discuss the language of apologizing.
  • And how apologizing is so much more than just saying you’re sorry.

Isn’t it weird that I talk in the third person in these descriptions?

I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed having Kira be my guest! As always, let us know what you loved in the comments and feel free to share!

561930_10151262548386675_9166904_nKira Sabin is a life coach for awesome singles, troop leader of love for startTravelingLight.com, Huffpo blogger, college speaker, adventurer, story collector & 7 layers of ridiculous. Her Dating Awesomer Course starts January 27th, so if you want to date awesomer, get on it!


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