Episode 25

Ass kickers! Lori Fields joins the podcast today talkin’ bout all things WORTHINESS! Lori is a dear friend of mine and I’m ecstatic for you to meet her.

  • I ask Lori a question that so many of us struggle with: How do you trust the Universe and have patience for things that you want?
  • We discuss your WHY and the reason it’s so important in everything.
  • Lori gives us some GREAT advice– what she calls “sacred scheduling”. Being intentional with your calendar and asking yourself WHY something is in there. Game changer!
  • Last, Lori and I give our foundational tools for worthiness.

edit4292Lori Fields is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Master’s Degree from NYU.

Combining her nearly 6 years of intense clinical training in a psychiatric emergency room with her experience as a Professional Matchmaker, Internet Entrepreneur and Advocate for women’s empowerment she has created Real Beauty Is; a truly unique and powerful coaching program that empowers women to know their worth, claim their power and live the life they deserve.

She is a messenger of empowerment and a global cheerleader for women everywhere, cheering them on and helping them see the possibilities of who they can be and what they can create with their life once they give themselves permission to be who they really are.

Lori is fiercely passionate about re-defining what “Real Beauty” means in our society and she’s determined to show every woman that she is MOST beautiful when she is her real self.

Through her private practice, writing and public speaking Lori has provided thousands of women with the tools and motivation necessary to help women feel good about who they really are so they can live their most powerful, purpose driven, and meaningful life.

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