Episode 27

Ass kickers! Truth: Up until the last few years, I didn’t really know what it took to be a really good friend. Looking back, there were many times when I acted selfishly and I just didn’t know from a practical standpoint how to nurture meaningful friendships. In my 20’s it was mostly about partying and just having a good time, but when I reached my 30’s things shifted and I realized I wanted to work on being a really good friend.

I met Amy Smith in 2009, and through my friendship with her (and LOTS of work on myself) I’ve learned what it takes. And I’d love to share that with you! And what better guest to have as my co-host than my best friend, Amy!

I hear a lot from clients, YKAL community members, and women that take my classes that they value female connections—friends that they can build deep, meaningful relationships with as well as HOW to find these types of friends. Well, we’ve got you covered on BOTH of those topics! In this podcast you’ll hear…

  • We start with how to be a good friend. Amy gives a great tool you can use NOW to make a big difference in the way you interact with not only your friends, but people in general.
  • Then I talk about how personality assessments have not only helped me embrace the type of person I am, but helped me clean up the areas that I struggle with. This has helped me a lot in my friendships.
  • Being thoughtful. We discuss how to do this and give a way to express thoughtfulness that is easy and very effective.
  • We then move into HOW to manifest your tribe! We discuss the number one thing you MUST do before you decide to work on attracting your tribe.
  • I share a personal story of how I was NOT a good friend in the past, what I learned from it, and how I used it to change how I am in friendships.
  • Amy’s personal story of how she manifested THREE new really good friendships (including me!) in a pretty short amount of time. This story is inspiring!
  • And we close with what to do in the meantime while you’re manifesting.

I hope you enjoy the show, ass kickers and can walk away with some tangible steps in order to create the meaningful friendships you want!

And in case you didn’t know, Amy and I have put together a special, FREE video training series on how to BRING YOUR THING: A Guide to Making Monumental Life Shit Happen. It’s going on NOW, so click the link to sign up for instant access!

Resources discussed on today’s podcast:
The Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman


AmySmith_Bio PhotoAmy E. Smith is a certified and credentialed personal and couples life coach, masterful speaker, and relationship and personal empowerment expert. Owner and founder of Joy Junkie Enterprises, Amy uses her roles as coach, writer, and speaker to move individuals beyond limiting beliefs and sabotaging mindsets to a place of radical personal empowerment and self-love. Co-founder of TheSelfLoveRevolution.com, Amy has been instrumental in aiding hundreds of women in stepping into their authentic power and craft lives they desire. She is highly sought after for her uncommon style of irreverence, wisdom, and humor and has been a featured expert on Fox 5 San Diego and YourTango.com.

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