Another amazing edition of the YKAL podcast is upon us! I’m here with Sally Hope, founder of The Wildheart Revolution. I love Sally’s take on life and I’m sure you will too. In this episode we talk about several different important topics…

  • In a recent blog post Sally talks about trying to please everyone and how to stop doing this. We discuss the jist of her post, how we’ve both learned to do our best of NOT  caring so much if other people like us.
  • Next we talk about LIFE PURPOSE and how to actually take the pressure off ourselves in our quest to finding it. (Because in actuality that pressure is keeping you from finding it!)
  • Sally’s message screams to not apologize for who you are.We discuss that being your biggest self might mean having to leave some people behind and how to go about dealing with that.

“The company we keep is essential to our well-being” – @sallyhopesays (TWEET THAT!)

  • One of Sally’s big things is going on adventures! I ask her where would someone start that doesn’t have a ton of time or money? This conversation segues into talking about friends (aka your tribe) and how to create that in your life. Sally has NEW ideas for you!

I’m just certain you’ll love Sally Hope as much as I do! She’s such a great inspiration full of love and authenticity. Until next time!

Lastly, we start TOMORROW! 21 Days of Kickassery: Life Balance and Time Management class is filling up. If you’d love to work with me during my most affordable class on the year and this topic speaks to you, get on it, girl!

sallybiopicSally Hope is a former touring musician, RV traveler, and current Renegade Life coach and leader of the Wildheart Revolution where she teaches you how to “Carpe the Hell Out of Your Diem”. Her biggest goal in life is to create the kind of community that will give you all the tools you need to live the life you're put on this planet to live. That's why she created the coaching/lifestyle tribe, The Wildheart Revolution.

You can find her at sallyhope.com.
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