Hello ass kickers! This podcast is specifically for busy women– and what woman isn’t busy these days? Whether you’re a stay at home mom with little ones, or a career woman, I know you’re busy! And most of us have a value around being healthy…but for many it’s that thing that falls off our plate. I wanted to have you on to talk about HOW (and simply) to make changes in our lives that can be lasting.

My guest is Jacqueline Carly and she’s here to help us all with incorporating fitness and better nutrition into our busy lives! In this podcast you’ll hear:

  • First, I ask Jacq to tell us her story… what her life was like years ago before she made fitness and nutrition a priority, what happened along the way, and how she made the shift. She shares with us her background of disordered eating which included binging and purging and starving herself. It’s an inspiring story how she recovered and came to build a life and business in fitness and nutrition!

  • There are so many exercise and nutrition “movements” and trends out there it’s easy to get overwhelmed about which one is the “best”. I ask Jacq to speak to that and give us her philosophy.

“There’s no specific method that’s the best & ultimate. Love paleo eating & CrossFit? Great. Love vegan + yoga? Great.” – @fitarella (TWEET THAT!)

  • I ask Jacq to give us her top 3 tips on eating better, which she does and as well as I share my personal story of the 21-Day Sugar Detox (let’s just say it didn’t go well).

  • And last, I ask Jacq to tell us her daily ritual of how she keeps her mind and body connected. And trust me, it’s NOT what I expected to hear!

Resources mentioned in this post:

NEDA (National Eating Disorders Awareness)

Mason jar water jug

JacquelineJacqueline Carly, aka Jacq, is co-founder and editor-in chief of BossFit Mag. She is a MindBody Medicine Scientist, entrepreneur, and competitive athlete. A self-proclaimed bibliophile, nerd & research addict, she’s spent her life-time studying the inner and outer workings of the body & mind. Her work as a mentor, coach and health advocate through her popular site and TV show, Fitarella, on the Pulse Network, inspired thousands to rekindle their inner fire through whole foods, conscious movement, and holistic living.

Originally from NYC, Jacqueline is now based out of Boston. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business & Leadership, a Masters in Nutrition, and is currently completing a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine. She holds multiple certifications in fitness, personal training, yoga, and crossfit endurance, because she’s a certification junky. She speaks spanish and portuguese, sings Sanskrit chants & opera, and was once a flight attendant. Connect with Jacq on twitter @jcqly or her latest addiction, instagram @jcqly.

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