Kira Sabin is back again on the YKAL podcast! I brought her back to talk about “The Evolved Relationship”. So…what the hell is that?

Basically, Kira talks about what we grew up with as our models of relationships and marriage, and how that’s shaped us, AND what to do with it now. Here’s what else you’ll hear in the podcast:

  • Kira says that what we see in the media, the traditional love advice we often get, and what we think love looks like, doesn’t come easy.

“You don’t just fall into this [perfect] relationship that has never existed in history” -@kirasabin (TWEET THAT!)

  • I ask Kira where is the line drawn from lowered expectations and when you’re tolerating crumbs or borderline abuse.
  • And I tell is very personal story about a guy I dated who did something weird in bed. I have no idea why I told this story, but it makes sense in the podcast, trust me.
  • We discuss values and how important they are to be in alignment with the two people in a relationship.
  • I share my TWO main ingredients for how I now have an “evolved” relationship now vs. my former relationships. Pus, a real-life example of a “come to Jesus” talk I had recently with my hubs.
  • I ask Kira what to do if your partner refuses to go to therapy.

561930_10151262548386675_9166904_nCertified Life Coach specializing in Gen X & Y singles,  Troop Leader of Love for The League of Adventurous Singles, College Speaker, HuffPo Blogger, Story Collector,  Life Explorer, Seven Layers of Ridiculous and your New Best Friend.

She is  kind of like your very own fairy godmother. Except instead of unicorns and fairy dust, she rocks life-changing self-knowledge, realistic expectations and helps you actually figure out what you need to create an amazing relationship and life.

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