Hi ass kickers! Isabel Foxen Duke is on the podcast for the second time talking about emotional eating, a topic so many of us have experience with. She and I have similar past stories which I’m sure many of you can relate to. And, I’m very excited because Isabel has a FREE video series to help you with this! (And I got a sneak peak…it’s awesome!). Here’s what you’ll hear in the podcast:

  • Isabel shares her story with us, beginning with how she was put on her first diet as a toddler (holy shit!). And how she describes growing up with what she calls, “food brain”.

  • How it took her years to realize that emotional eating is not about staying thin or trying to control your size.

  • We discuss how “body image” is not just a woo woo phrase and how it fits into the problem.

  • I ask Isabel for criteria to help you determine whether you fall into emotional eating and what that looks like.

  • Isabel clarifies that binge eating is not how much, or the quantity of food you are eating.

“Perfect eating is not a thing.  It doesn’t happen ever.” – @isabelfoxenduke TWEET THAT!

  • We talk about how control is a major theme when it comes to emotional eating and how weight is a breeding ground for all of our control issues.

  • Isabel helps us determine if someone needs therapy and/or coaching to heal their issues.

Is constantly struggling with your weight and food driving you a little crazy?

Isabel Foxen Duke

Too many women feel stuck in the “diet-binge-cycle,” or keep trying to “control themselves” around food only to end up raiding the kitchen cabinets in the middle of the night. Living a life that revolves around being “on and off” diets is no way to live.

Thankfully, Isabel Foxen Duke is here to teach women how to break out of this cycle once and for all, and finally start living a life free of all the “food noise.” If you're done with the diets and want to start thinking about food in a new way, check out her awesome new video training series here.

Hot Seat PhotoIsabel Foxen Duke is a Health Coach and Emotional Eating Expert. She helps women who can't stop sneak eating food in the middle of the night; binge-eating after a long-day at work; and who are constantly on tiring food regimens with no long-term success. In short, she helps women stop being crazy around food and weight.

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