Tanya Geisler is on the podcast talking about the Imposter Complex, a syndrome that many of us have experience with.  She's also sharing how you can step into your starring role in your life.  Here's what you'll hear in the podcast:

  • Tanya explains what the Imposter Complex is and how it keeps you on the verge of greatness
  • We both tell how we have dealt with it and give examples from our own lives (there’s an excellent chance that you’ve also experienced the Imposter Complex!)
  • Tanya shares 6 specific lies that the Imposter Complex tells you
  • One of the steps to getting over the Imposter Complex
  • Why most women have trouble reaching out and asking for help from a friend
  • The biggest difference between you and women you admire… is it just a decision?
  • How I got to a place where I was ready to step into my starring role and what that looks like

“Your tenacity is currency.” – @TanyaGeisler TWEET THAT!

  • Why you must celebrate your accomplishments and an assignment for you

There are so many good nuggets in this episode.  I hope you'll listen in and then go check out Tanya's website here.


Tanya Geisler is a certified Life and Business Coach (CPCC, ACC) with a penchant for clarity (her Clarity Sessions have been likened to “divining rods of truth”). She’s coached hundreds of people who were ready to step into the starring roles of their lives. She wrote The Joy Pages, created Board of Your Life and the Step into Your Starring Role program, is a blogger for the wildly popular The Daily Love, has served as contributor and was featured in Canadian Living, and is an in-demand speaker who talks with great passion on all things joy, meaning and purpose (just try to stop her). She recently spoke about the Impostor Complex at TEDxWomen.

It is her indomitable belief that if everyone knew their own unique recipe for their personal brand of joy, they’d hold the key to shining in their life, in their work and in their life’s work. (It really does change everything.)

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