Hey ass kickers! Meet Sas (isn’t that an awesome name!?), my friend from Down Under. She’s a coach who’s mastered the art of “thinking on purpose” and my inner-science nerd LOVES that she’s getting her PhD where her research is “a mash-up of psychology, philosophy and cognitive processing.” I got the goods on why it’s important to think on purpose, plus we discuss something ominous….BOUNDARIES!

In this episode, you’ll hear…

  • What your life may look like if you’re not thinking on purpose
  • The truth about how long it takes to change your life
  • How your thoughts are not necessarily true (hint: they’re just ideas!)

“When you feel crappy, you act crappy and that creates crappy results in your life.” – @SasPetherick TWEET THAT!

  • How joy is the hardest emotion to feel
  • Our best tips on ending the struggle with boundaries
  • The importance of getting support around setting boundaries

We’re giving you a challenge:  Where do you want to put your focus this week?

Sas PetherickSas Petherick shows you how to get more love, money and joy by changing how you think. Sas is an in-demand Certified Coach and is the creator of Rethink Group Coaching Programmes.

She’s been described as ‘equal parts laughing buddha and fiery femme, salty sailor and foxy minx’. Sas’ energy, smarts, humour and intuition guide every transformational coaching session and sold-out retreat.

Find out how to amplify your life with curiosity and kindness at www.saspetherick.com.

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