Podcast 47

Hey there Ass kickers!

I’m so glad you’re here for another episode of the Your Kick-Ass Life Podcast. Today we’ve got the fabulous Christina Dunbar. Christina is an actress, poet, activist and women’s leader. She offers programs for artists, entrepreneurs and wild women helping them take the stage and share their own soul story. She’s also the inspiration and creator behind her one-woman show, Dirty Me Divine.

Recently Christina boldly and courageously created a Kickstarter campaign to fund her show. She says it was the most vulnerable and scary thing she’s ever done!

On this episode we dive into that experience fully as well as what it means to take a stand, and why that is often difficult for women, and what steps we can take to express our unique voices.

We also talk about:

  • When does courage come?
  • How “shoulds” keep us from our true voice.
  • Why embracing any and all of your feelings is healthy.
  • What makes you a “divine bad ass goddess”?
  • When do you grow the most?
  • And much more!

Christina’s Dirty Me Divine show is a story about her personal journey as a stripper, and the self-imposed and societal shaming that went along with it, to finding her soul’s expression and the sacred contract to make her voice public, and give other women the permission and the courage to do the same.

Her mission with DMD is to reach 10,000 women live and in person. To achieve that goal, she needed funding so she took to Kickstarter and made her audacious goal a public one. Today she shares about everything that came up for her while doing so: the fear, the pain, the bravery, and the courage.

We also talk about how women can take a stand in their own lives, even if we haven’t been taught to do so. One simple step Christina says we can take is to start journaling. Journaling gives us a safe place to release our voice and examine our beliefs.

On the topic of being a badass in your own life, Christina believes it’s important to get to know ourselves without all the “shoulds” we’ve been given by the people in our lives and by society. The way to do this is to ask ourselves: if no one cared or no one made fun of me, what would I really want to do? Whatever the answer to that question is go claim it and take action on it!

I loved what Christina also had to say about what she believes in fiercely, how she courageously faced shame and reclaimed herself in the process, and so much more! Listen in to hear the full scoop on today’s edition of the Your Kick-Ass Life Podcast.


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HeadshotChristina Dunbar is an actress, poet, activist and woman's leader extraordinaire. Currently in pre-production for Dirty me Divine, a one-woman show dedicated to healing shame around sexuality, Christina is on a mission to reach 10,000 women LIVE through the tour of her story.  Christina is also creator of Freak Your Truth; which includes workshops and intensive programs for artists, entrepreneurs and wild women  ready to take the stage with their story.

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