episode 48

Hi ya Ass kickers!

It’s that time again, time for another episode of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast. Today we’ve got the talented and savvy Tonya Leigh. Tonya is a master-certified life coach who has spoken to global audiences. As the CEO of French Kiss Life, her company, she is on a mission to inspire women to cultivate lives of joie de vivre.

After you hear my very bad attempt at French, we talk about the origins of French Kiss Life; it was born out of Tonya’s experience in Paris ten years ago. She was in the Luxembourg Gardens and noticed lovers kissing (I didn’t ask if there was lots of slobbery tongue), people were strolling about and generally enjoying their lives; all of which was in direct contrast to how she felt: overwhelmed, stressed and overwrought by everything that was wrong in her life.

In that moment Tonya knew she too wanted to enjoy every day of her own life. She wanted to go after what she wanted without struggle and discomfort, instead with ease and grace and enjoyment.

She came home with the mission to seek quality and make every day as beautiful as possible, and to make the journey to the dream as beautiful as the dream itself! YAHOOOO!

We also talk about:

  • Why dialing it down doesn't serve yourself or anyone else.
  • What's the boogeyman in our emotional closets?
  • How to gain more confidence, more opportunities in your life.
  • What's the best personal development system in the world?
  • How to take responsibility for your emotions, without apologizing for them.
  • And much more!

That’s how she began French Kiss Life and chose to embrace and see life as perfect, no matter how messy or real it got. And it does get messy and real for her, she has a teenager at home and has a growing entrepreneurial business; all of which challenges her to face her own “stuff”.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t perfect. Yes it’s been a journey to have that perspective but as a result, her life has become a playground. If she wants champagne on a Wednesday she has champagne on a Wednesday! If she wants to light a candle and bask in its glow for a moment she does.

None of that means she goes through life without challenges. It simply means those challenges afford her a way of saying “How am I going to make this challenge into a victory?” Rather than feeling defeated, stressed and overwhelmed by the challenge.

Taking that perspective has shifted her life, something that didn’t happen overnight but did happen. We also talk about why the perspective has to come before the shift happens, why healing ourselves is needed too, and how we can train our powerful minds to look for what’s good in everything and to focus on that goodness, rather than what’s wrong and what’s broken.

We also talk about the power of not apologizing, and why apologizing unnecessarily is SO many of us do! There’s tons of great insights, laughter and joy on this episode. Listen in to hear all of this on the 48th edition of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast!


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Tonya Leigh is the founder and CEO of French Kiss Life, Inc., a company with a simple mission: to inspire women to cultivate lives of ease, elegance, style and joie de vivre.

As a Master Certified Life Coach trained by Dr. Martha Beck, she works with highly successful women from around the world who desire to balance ambition with ease to create a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Clients have called her “the joie de vivre instigator” due to her keen ability to turn fear into power, doubt into confidence, complexity into elegance and boredom into a renewed passion for life.

With a chic travel society, dynamic programs, a continuously growing international following, and her popular blog, she is changing the way women think about what it truly means and requires to live a luxurious life.

Visit www.tonyaleigh.com to learn more and join the French Kiss Life-style and join the community of other inspiring ladies.

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