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Welcome to another episode of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast! You may have noticed we went from episode 49 to 51…you're not going crazy! It's a long story which I'll spare you the boring details, but bottom line: there's no episode 50! Moving on…

Today we’ve got the amazing, super-powered Fabeku Fatunmise. Fabeku is a one-of-a-kind coach who helps creative supernovas and forces of nature folks crank up their businesses and find their super powers.

On today’s episode we talk about the differences when we’re being big versus when we’re being small and how to shift into big, the misconception of fearlessness (ew!) and also how to find your super power.

Fabeku is like many of us: he’s dealt with perfectionism and the belief that if he wasn’t perfect, he was worthless. He says buying into this belief limits not just what we do in life, but what we believe is possible. He would know, he spent nearly three decades living as though this belief were true.

We also talk about:

  • Love never guarantees what?
  • Why is love so terrifying?
  • Does vulnerability ever get easier?
  • What is “scaredcited”?
  • Why life is hard, and that’s okay.
  • And much more!

He says that’s the part of him, and that part of all of us, that is small. But we also have a big part and that bigness is the deeper and wiser part of ourselves that is connected to and coming from love.

In our culture the bigness is conditioned out of most of us during our childhood. And it’s not because our parents or other people around us are bad people, it’s because they too are living from their small side. Saaaaad trombone.

The small in all of us feels pain being around bigness, so much so it squashes it. And when our bigness goes so do the possibilities we create for ourselves and our lives.

And our possibilities and identities are interlinked. We build our identities around past BS and stories we believe to be true. Naturally we can only believe them because our small side is running the show, our bigness wouldn’t allow BS to run our lives!

Fabeku shares how to break this cycle and release ourselves from a limiting identity. The first step is to know it’s happening. The second step is to understand our identities are fluid. When we know our identity is fluid we can change, grow and create a new identity.

He and I also talk about the questions to ask yourself to release limiting beliefs, why it’s normal for life to be hard even when you’re on the right path and how to know you’re going in the right direction.

Listen in to hear our thoughts and suggestions on all of this and more on the 51st edition of the podcast!


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fabeku_fatunmise_bwI’m Fabeku. (Hi!) Business awesomizer. Punk rock alchemist. Red shoe aficionado. I work with creative supernovas + world-changers + future forces of nature to turn up the awesome in their business through the unapologetic transmission of their mojo + conjuring states of total coherence. This means more clients + more money + more momentum + the chance to unleash your magnum opus on the world in a way that actually works. In my spare time, I bang drums + buy way too much tea + cover my body in tattoos.


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