Welcome to another episode of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast! My friend Randi joins us to talk about the all-important topic of boundaries and how nice people set ‘em.

Randi is THE expert of experts! She’s a life coach, hard truth-talker and creative producer of products that encourage women to step into their truth, and transform their inner and interpersonal struggles. Trust me, I KNOW boundaries are difficult and we ALL struggle with them– whether it’s family members, co-workers, or our neighbors, we could all use some help in this area, right?

On today’s show she shares with us how creating our own container of what we want in our lives sets our boundaries, what gardens have to do with boundaries and ultimately why we struggle with boundaries so much.

We also talk about:

  • Does everyone need help with boundaries?
  • The two ways we typically deal with shame.
  • Why we must honor our own boundaries before anyone else will.
  • What is a cocktail line and how do you use one?
  • Can we figure things out as we go or do we have to start at the beginning?
  • Is there a healthy way to deal with tricky parental problems?
  • How to use fear as a compass without allowing it to take over.
  • And much more!

Listen in to hear her terrific advice on how to set healthy boundaries for kind people and more on the 52nd edition of Your Kick-Ass Life!


Randi Buckley’s web site
Maybe Baby, Randi’s program
Healthy Boundaries for Kind People
Randi on Twitter

randiRandi Buckley has been described by those closest to her as, “equal parts Pema Chodron, Sofia Loren and Clint Eastwood, with a splash of George Carlin.” She is a life coach, hard-truth talker, and the creator of products that encourage women to begin to step into their truths and begin transforming their inner and interpersonal struggles. She is the mama to the lovely Maybe Baby program.


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