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Welcome to episode 78 of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast! As always I’m excited you are here and so happy to bring you our guest: Ms. Jamie Mendell.

Jamie is a health and lifestyle coach who helps women master their lives by diving deep into self-care healing, with a particular focus on food and body issues. She’s a regular contributor to Women’s Health and Huffington Post.

On today’s show Jamie shares with us her decade-long struggle with food, dieting/bingeing and her weight, and how she finally made a lasting change. She talks about what self-care actually means (it’s not just manis and pedis!), the healing power of self-care, and how she got real and got vulnerable with the people in her life.

You’ll Also Hear:

  • What are some of the common myths about self-care she hears?
  • How can we handle our feelings even when we aren’t happy?
  • What is soulful self-care?
  • How intuitive eating helped her stop dieting and bingeing.
  • Did anyone teach her radical self-care?
  • What to say when you want to be vulnerable with someone, but don’t know how.
  • How a food blog helped her get real about her eating issues.
  • What still trips her up today?
  • And much more!

Jamie truly walks her talk and you’ll hear it on today’s show. She models what radical self-care looks like and how powerfully it can work when we embrace it. On episode 78 of The Your Kick-Ass Life Podcast Jamie inspires and enlightens with her courage and openness – listen in and enjoy!

Jamie Mendell’s website
What It Looks Like to Really Take Care of Yourself, Jamie’s blog post
Jamie Mendell on Twitter
Jamie Mendell on Instagram

View More: http://bethanymichaelaphoto.pass.us/jamie-mendellJamie Mendell is a Health and Lifestyle Coach specializing in helping women master their lives by diving deep into supreme self care. Through coaching women on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self care, she has helped thousands of women heal their relationships with food, their bodies and themselves. She believes that the most important relationship a woman has in her life is with herself, and she shows women how to make that relationship exceptional. Jamie is a regular contributor to Women's Health, Mind Body Green and Huffington Post and writes (almost) weekly for her own website at www.JamieMendell.com.

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