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Welcome to episode 87 of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast. I’m super happy you’re here for this show because today’s guest is an expert on a topic I get asked about all the time: work-life balance!

Dr. Jaime Kaluga is a licensed mental health counselor and a certified professional coach. She is an author whose work has appeared in issues of Glamour, Self and many other nationally-recognized publications. She is also an inspirational speaker and a woman on a mission! She has dedicated her life to helping women find balance and fulfillment in their lives.

During our conversation we talk about what work-life balance actually means, how perfectionism stops us from achieving that balance, and how emotions throw us off balance and what to do about it.

You’ll Also Hear:

  • Is work-life balance a destination, a crock of s*!t or something else?
  • Why you should create a list of toxic people in your life.
  • How does perfectionism drain our energy and lower our confidence?
  • Why letting people make mistakes is good for you.
  • What's the hardest thing I struggle with on a daily basis?
  • What is the sandwich approach to communication, and why does it work?
  • What you should (and shouldn’t) talk about on date night.
  • What is her bucket list challenge, and why is it different than the traditional bucket list?
  • And much more!

Today Dr. Jaime and I give you insights into finding your own work-life balance, and I share what I’ve learned about creating it in my life (including how I used to micromanage at home!). Listen in as Dr. Jaime and I dish on all of that and more on episode 87 of Your Kick-Ass Life!

Dr. Jaime Kaluga’s website
Coaching with Dr. Jaime
The SuperWoman’s Guide to Super Fulfillment, by Dr. Jaime Kaluga
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2T7A07692Dr. Jaime Kulaga is a “yes” woman turned Superwoman. As a licensed mental health counselor, certified professional coach and inspirational speaker, she has dedicated her life to helping women find balance and live their utmost fulfilled life.

Dr. Jaime’s unmatched self-motivation began early in life after the realization that her happiness, livelihood and success should never depend on someone else. This untamed drive, however, led her to exhaustion and over-commitment in the pursuit of keeping up appearances. When she learned to say “no”, her life transformed dramatically and she developed the foundation to her unique and significant life’s work.

For over 10 years, Dr. Jaime has specialized in individual life coaching, corporate business coaching and couples counseling, as well as educating at the university level. A dynamic motivational speaker, Dr. Jaime often addresses corporate executives and organizations on productivity, leadership development and employee/management communication skills. She is frequently featured in several of the Nation’s leading media outlets for her expertise in mental health and work-life balance – A few including Forbes, Maria Shriver’s blog, Glamour, Self, and Prevention magazines.

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