Welcome to episode 97 of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast! Thank you for being here and for listening to my chat with the lovely and talented Hannah Marcotti. Hannah is a coach for highly sensitive people (are you one too?); she herself is also a highly sensitive person.

On this episode Hannah talks about some of the telltale signs that you or a loved one are highly sensitive, such as only being able to wear certain clothes because they “feel right” and nothing else does or not being able to tolerate loud, crowded places, etc. She also shares why it’s so helpful to know this about yourself and appreciate the gift that high sensitivity offers you.

You’ll Also Hear:

  • Is there a difference between losing yourself in nurturing and being a nurturer?
  • Why do so many women coaches use the word “permission”?
  • How truth-telling and storytelling helped her through her divorce.
  • What did the grieving process look like for her, how did she utilize it?
  • Are you highly sensitive? Hannah explains how to tell.
  • Why being highly sensitive is really a gift.
  • How to turn doing the dishes into a meditative experience!
  • And much more!

During our conversation Hannah also describes her deeply personal experience of divorce, and the lessons it offered her. She learned to give herself permission to fully integrate all of who she is, and now she’s a coach who helps others do the same through workshops, retreats, circles and group coaching.

I know you’ll love Hannah as much as I do! Her heartfelt and honest sharing on today’s episode includes all of the above, as well as her answer to the question of what surprises her most about the work she does with women. Listen in to hear her answer on episode 97 of Your Kick-Ass Life!


Hannah Marcotti’s website
Hannah Marcotti on Facebook
Hannah Marcotti on Instagram
The Highly Sensitive Person, by Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D.
The Out of Sync Child, by Carol Kranowitz and Lucy Jane Miller

12115685_10208000888319156_4153651204588399698_nI am a story-teller. A magic-maker. A prompt-magician. A high vibration shape-shifter. I am the one who records the details in photo and words and then spins them into tellings of future becomings in the feeling world.

I am of a spirit that longs to guide yours when you desire compassion, lifting, sorting, surrender, sanguine, awakening, creating, dreaming, action, permission and the essence of your own knowing. (Which is magic.)

A woman wrapping story and prayer into words as teachings that want to settle inside of you and become the inspiration for your next story and prayer.

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