Welcome to episode 105 of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast! This week I’ve got another fabulous guest to bring to you – Ms. Sarah Jenks. Sarah is the creator and founder of Live More Weigh Less, a movement born from her personal experiences and struggles with weight loss and body image.

As a full-figured woman who had struggled with her weight for years, Sarah one day realized she was waiting on the weight before pursuing a life she loved. So she let go of her weight loss fixation and instead went after the great job, the great wardrobe or the amazing relationship. On today’s show Sarah explains how doing so helped her lose weight without dieting, led her to quit her advertising job, go to nutrition school and start Live More Weigh Less.

You’ll Also Hear:

  • What is a pattern she sees in the women she works with?
  • Why it's important to cultivate a feeling of trusting yourself.
  • How to connect with your inner wise woman, and what that provides.
  • What are women hungry for that we're trying to get from food?
  • What's the real reason she does this work?
  • How to practice more self-compassion in the moment.
  • What are two questions to ask to find your emotional eating triggers?
  • How to set a good example for your children around the topic of body image.
  • And much more!

Also on today’s episode Sarah describes the moment of her big wake-up call, and how to play detective with your eating habits and do so in a way that doesn’t self-sabotage but actually supports your personal healing and growth. Sarah is a true example of what it means to walk your talk.

Whether you’ve struggled with weight loss and body image issues, or some other addiction, her stories and shares on episode 105 will help you see the value and power of your own experiences.


Live More Weigh Less, Sarah Jenks’ web site
Sarah’s free workshop and video training series
Episode 85 with Amy Smith
Are You an Emotional Eater?, Sarah’s blog post
Sarah Jenks on Twitter

Sarah JenksAs a full figured woman who struggled with her weight for years, Sarah Jenks finally found the key that all diets were missing. After bouncing between fad diets and struggling with her body image, Sarah realized she had been “waiting on the weight” – waiting to be thin before she: got the great job, the great wardrobe or the great relationship.

When Sarah stopped waiting on the weight, she finally did all the things that she had put on hold for years: going for her ideal job, flirting with her dream guy, going out dancing and living a fully engaged life. In her words, the late night “pity snacking” ceased with all the joy and activity this new lifestyle brought, and she naturally moved to her ideal body.

Sarah’s success in creating a happy lifestyle, which also resulted in a dramatic weight loss, is what led her to create Live More Weigh LessTM, now the most popular non-diet weight loss program on the internet and her brand new program the Live More Method. It’s not about cutting out crème brulee, it’s about embracing the life you want, right now. Living a full, meaningful life is a great adventure; when you have adventure in your life, diving into a pint of ice cream seems less exciting.

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