Welcome to episode 110 of the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast! Today’s topic is one we can all relate to: mothers. Our guest, Karen Anderson, is an author and mentor who helps women who struggle with or are estranged from their mothers.

Through her coaching, mentorship and Emotional Freedom Technique practice, she helps them overcome dysfunctional generational patterns and go on to live truly, happy, fulfilled lives. Karen is a master-certified life coach through The Life Coach School and is the also the author of The Peaceful Daughter’s Guide to Separating From a Difficult Mother.

On this episode, Karen shares her personal journey with her mother, and how that led her on a courageous inner personal journey from victimhood to conscious awareness and healing. She explains how you can talk about your own story without becoming a victim, and why it’s important to take ownership of your thoughts and beliefs around any experience in your life.

You’ll Also Hear:

  • What is the most common problem she sees in adult daughters and their mothers?
  • What does the term “mother wound” mean?
  • What is the woo-hoo-oh-shit moment?
  • How to find out what your guilt is trying to tell you.
  • The two parts of setting and maintaining a boundary with your mom, or anyone.
  • Does everyone in the world have the “I'm not good enough” story?
  • Why surrendering to the “harder” emotions actually releases them faster.
  • What is the antidote for shame?
  • And much more!

Karen also gives the most common problems she sees with mothers and daughters, how shame shows up in her work and how to have a compassionate witness in your life to help you process and experience all of your emotions.

On episode 110 of Your Kick-Ass Life, we dive fully into the world of mothers and daughters and how today we can love ourselves and mother ourselves no matter what our past experiences have been. Join us for this insightful, enlightening and heart-warming journey on today’s show!


Karen Anderson’s website
The Peaceful Daughter’s Guide to Separating From a Difficult Mother, by Karen Anderson
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Karen AndersonKaren is an author and mentor who helps women who struggle with – or who are estranged from – their mothers overcome dysfunctional generational patterns and know that they can live truly happy, fulfilled lives, no matter what.

She champions the adult daughter who strives for peace in relationships, who bumps up against beliefs that are not her own, but which, at one time in her life she blindly took on – beliefs that ensure she will continue to doubt herself. She is brave enough to examine the beliefs that underpin her existence and ask herself what SHE wants to believe. As she cultivates her intuition, she will choose to trust her own answers.

Karen has been the reactive, resistant woman-child full of shame, blame, and desperation. She’s done the work in order to become a grown-ass woman who respects herself and rocks her life on her own terms while having relationships that are based on true compassion, honesty, appreciation, and love.

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