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Today we’ve got a special episode of the podcast as I bring on someone I’ve been friends with for a long time. Rachel Luna is a Best Selling Author, Speaker, Confidence and Mindset Coach, and she not only shares the tremendous story of her life, but how went from considering herself “damaged goods” to the place she’s now at and how she’s helping others be the best they can be as well.

After listening to this one, I’m sure you’ll agree that when you show up and do the work, you’re going to see huge changes in your life too!

You’re also going to hear:

  • Why Rachel finds it so hard to give up on other people (8 minutes, 35 seconds)
  • Her thoughts on why Corporate America wasn’t the place for her (9:34) 
  • There’s still a stigma attached to therapy, but there shouldn’t be (16:40)
  • What confidence truly means to Rachel (and the one word she sums it up with) (19:20)
  • How sometimes you need to take a step back to get back on the right track (20:02)
  • The role of self-trust in confidence (20:49)
  • Why you shouldn’t wait until you’re fearless to do the things you want to do (25:02)
  • She used to be notoriously inconsistent, and now consistency actually drives the success she achieves (26:18) 
  • You can honor commitments to yourself and set boundaries without having conflict with others (30:00) 
  • And more more!

Rachel tells us why writing is so important to her and she leaves us with a challenge we can all do, along with letting us know if there’s been anything she’s been surprised by in the work she does with women. Confidence, focus and consistency – it’s all covered on episode 133 of Your Kick-Ass Life.


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RachelLunaLike Xanax for your business, Rachel's genius super power is helping you calm the chaos, end the overwhelm and step into confident, consistent action. A former U.S. Marine, Rachel's no-nonsense, real-talk approach has led her to help her clients raise their confidence and their revenue – tripling and quadrupling their income on average.

An international speaker, Rachel Luna has shared the stage with headliners like Gary Vaynerchuk, Sean Stephenson, Dan Martell and has electrified audiences across the globe including the United States, Europe and Asia. Her fire-cracker energy and “raw reality check” approach to living life has attracted thousands to attend her workshops, take her courses and join her challenges. She's also been featured in Latina Magazine, Success Magazine and The Huffington Post to name a few!

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