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I’m so excited for you to meet my guest today, Kathleen Booker. I met Kathleen over a year ago and I’m excited to finally have her on the podcast to introduce you to her as well. She’s an inspirational coach whose energy has been described as “infectious” (and you’ll know why after hearing her speak today)!

Kathleen is passionate about something that many of us might not even give a second thought to during the day: our breathing.  She knows first-hand the energy, peace and joy that something so simple can create in our lives, and she’s going to share her knowledge on this topic with us today.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • So, what exactly “Breathwork?” (4 minutes, 54 seconds)
  • How it actually helps your body, mind and spirit heal (6:57)
  • Why Breathwork is for anyone – and everyone! (17:20)
  • A sample of Kathleen’s Breathwork and how she effectively uses it in her own life (19:45)
  • How it’s proven to help in areas like disease and also in searching for love, clarity and focus (31:40)
  • And so much more!

Are you ready to bring a little more calm into your busy life? If so, this is an episode that you NEED to listen to as Kathleen is going to show us how to do it, today!

Resources from this episode:

Kathleen’s website
Episode 81: Family constellation therapy, with Natalie Berthold

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Kathleen Booker is an effervescent native New Yorker.  Her energy is infectious.

Kathleen is passionate about Conscious Connected Breathwork therapy and knows first- hand the energy, healing, peace, and joy it creates in one’s life.  As a certified Breathwork Coach, she has worked with many masters in the field of Conscious Connected Breathwork therapy.

Kathleen lives by: Breathe Deep…Live Deeper!  When you Breathe deep the answers are revealed and the pain dissipates.

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