Today I welcome back a recurring guest of the podcast, my dear friend Jo Casey. Jo joined us in a previous episode of Your Kick-Ass Life to talk about the business of life coaching, but today, we’re looking at something different: How women are conditioned by our culture to be “acceptable women.”

Jo’s going to shed some light on what she calls “feminine conditioning.” Why are women so afraid to be different, and what role has society played in vilifying us? Is there a box that we’re supposed to fit into, and if so, how is being in it holding us back?

If these are things you’ve often wondered about, then you’re going to be enlightened by Jo and the powerful message she shares with us today!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What is feminine conditioning? (11 minutes, 0 seconds)
  • How internal kickback, along with societal kickback, has big ways of affecting how we show up in the world (15:30)
  • Why women are afraid to step outside of the box that we are conditioned to fit into (15:58)
  • Be aware of things that we are doing – often we are inviting this behavior! (23:31)
  • How not wanting to “break the mold” really stops us from doing great things (30:17)
  • Why Jo does the work that she does on a daily basis (32:31)

Resources from this episode:

Jo’s Website

Episode 54: What it really takes to be a life coach in 2015, with Jo Casey

Jo Casey is a certified coach, speaker, trainer and coach mentor.  In addition to being British, Jo is slightly nerdy and allergic to the marketing bullsh*t in the coaching industry.

Jo specializes in helping coaches do the self-development work needed to thrive in the online world, get more clients and build sustainable, honest businesses – all without resorting to the darks arts or sleazy marketing tactics.

She does this through her signature one on one mentoring program, Partner in Crime and through a deep and nourishing 6 month group experience called The Supernova Collective.

Founder of jocasey.com, creator and presenter of The Work Happy Coaching Podcast, speaker, and writer for Coaching Blueprint, Mind Body Green and Tiny Buddha.

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